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AAI’s field service team has cleaned electromechanical equipment, generators and hydroelectric units throughout New York since 2002

Cryogenic cleaning leaves no moisture or residue. It is the perfect cleaning solution for electrical components.


Advantages of using AAI instead of a cryogenic cleaning company:

* Specialize in generator and motor repair and rewinding.

* Perform complete winding evaluation prior to and after completion of cleaning.

* Trained technicians visually inspect the insulation system to identify potential problems.

* Can build an enclosure and filter the output air to 1 micron to prevent airborne dust.

* Minor repairs to insulation, re-wedging, and re-insulation can all be part of the project.

Advantages of using CO2 on electrical components versus solvent, baking soda, corn cob or walnut shell medias are:

* CO2 sublimates to a gas upon impact, thereby limiting cleanup to only the removed contaminant.

* No remaining blast media in the cooling air passages, control panels or the bearings.

* No contaminants driven into remote spots or cracks that may occur if a solvent flush is utilized.

* No drying time unlike solvent usage. CO2 leaves no moisture, which allows testing, repainting and the ability to resume operation almost immediately.

* Delicate enough to clean switch gear, relays, circuit boards and control panels.

* Strong enough to remove stubborn baked on contaminants from motors and generator windings without abrading insulation.

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