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What can we balance?

Fans, armatures, rotors, pulleys, drums, gears, blowers, centrifuges, drive shafts and rolls. Our balancing machine can balance almost any rotating part as long as it meets the machine specifications.

Consider this: Even the slightest distortion causing unbalance can cause severe or even dangerous mechanical vibrations leading to eventual shut down of high-speed machinery

Overhung Load?

With our equipment, overhung balancing is simple. Bring us your overhung fans for worry-free balancing.

1. Help cut overall maintenance costs
Weight capacity: 15 to 15,000 lbs.
NEMA, ISO, API and Government Specifications
2. Reduce bearting
Bearing Centers: 10” Minimum
3. Step up production
Maximum OD: 96 Inches
4. Minimize machinery downtime
Journal Diameters: 16 inches
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Using the latest PC computer balancing software, we will provide you with a printout of each balancing job.

Our software reports display the unbalance in mils,ounces, and grams.We store all balance jobs for future reference.

Field Balancing

We provide a service for balancing completed assemblies such as fans and blowers in-place. In-place balancing, when possible, saves time and expense of removing the rotor and sending it to a balancing machine. We use up-to-date portable instrumentation to perform the balancing, which minimizes machine downtime.

Case History

An exhaust fan which is driven by a 480 Volt 125 HP motor, resulted in the reduction of imbalance at fan speed from .57 ins./sec to .04 ins./sec. This not only provided a 15X life extension for the fan bearings themselves and hence improved fan reliability, but also resulted in a 5% reduction in amperage draws on each of the phases. A = 120 before > 114 after, B = 120 before > 114, C = 128 before > 120 after. This translated into an approximated $4,000/year actual energy reduction cost savings.

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