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Power-Flo Technologies is a family of companies that combine to deliver broad capabilities to contractors and facilities managers. Our customers rely on us when they tackle important design-build projects.


In addition to top-notch products, we provide engineering support, switchgear fabrication, motor control design, and a state of the art repair facility. We enable our customers to respond to emergencies and finish projects on time.


We are in the results business. We solve complex problems and handle all the details.


We are the one-stop shop our customers need for supplies, service, and solutions.








We distribute over 2 million electrical and plumbing products made by dozens of manufacturers. Our warehouse maintains a broad inventory, and we deliver throughout the New York metro area.


We carry thousands of commodity items such as wiring devices, fittings, and light bulbs, and we also stock more specialized motors, computerized industrial controls, programmable controllers and custom panels.


Our experts are knowledgeable, not mere order-takers. We work with you to ensure that the products you purchase are right for the job. We deliver your orders on time and go out of our way to help in emergency situations.


We maintain a state of the art repair facility and machine shop. We can repair any pump or motor from fractional through 1500 HP in either low or medium voltages.


We deliver fast turnaround – doing repairs onsite or using our flatbed and crane-equipped trucks to transport your equipment to our shop.


We offer a wide range of diagnostic testing services, such as infrared and thermography tests, vibration analyses, load studies, and power quality studies. You receive comprehensive reports with recommended solutions.


We also provide recycling services for hazardous wastes, keeping you in compliance with government regulations.









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We deliver specialized engineering support when you need it.


We are experts in local code requirements and prepare drawings that gain swift approvals. Our engineers visit your job site and create practical designs that avoid expensive construction problems.


We can fabricate custom motor controls and related panels. We design custom power distribution switchgear. All of our equipment is built in our UL certified facility, and carries the UL label.


We specialize in energy efficiency projects, such as lighting upgrades. We design the solution, prepare documentation for utility rebates, and install the best fixtures.


Through our sister company, US Energy Group, we deliver building energy management systems that cut cost, conserve energy, and improve comfort.

SUPPLIES      |      SERVICE      |      SOLUTIONS

Customers stick with us for years – even decades. They trust us not only to deliver the right supplies, but also for value-added services.


From project take-off, engineering, AutoCAD approval drawings to on-time delivery and ongoing maintenance, we are the one-stop resource our customers need.

Engineering Solutions

  • NYC Electrical Advisory Board Drawings

  • Energy Efficient Upgrades

  • Custom Switchgear

  • Custom Motor Controls

  • UL-certified Fabrication Shop

  • Wide product selection ensures the best fit for your needs.

Motor & Pump Repairs

  • Fully Stocked Machine Shop 

  • On Site or Pickup & Delivery Services 

  • Computerized Dynamic Balancing 

  • Laser Alignment 

  • AC/DC Motor Rewinding

Diagnostic Testing Capabilities

  • Infrared/Thermography Tests 

  • Vibration Analysis 

  • Power Quality Studies 

  • Surge Comparison Testing 

  • Core Loss Testing

Quality Products

  • Extensive Inventory – Leading Manufacturers 

  • One Stop for Electrical & Plumbing Supplies 

  • Rapid Delivery 

  • Specialized Parts

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