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Build the Best Foundation with the RIB TRIFECTA

Solving Your Multizone Project Problems with PSH500A-LVC

We have another new video for you this month! Check out the many benefits of this 500VA Power Supply.

A chilled water plant can provide comfort cooling for a large building. Chilled water is pumped through the building, and air is blown across the chilled water coil to provide cool air. Read how you can utilize another example of RIB® Trifecta for this application.


RIBU1C is a great relay to keep in stock in your van/truck. You could find this relay enabling a Variable Frequency Drive that controls the speed of a Chilled Water Pump.


RIBXGTF is used to provide proof that the command sent to the CHW VFD was received and the pump is running.


PSH100A100AB10 includes 2 individual 100va circuits. Commonly, one circuit is used to power controllers in the panel, and the second circuit is used to power remote valves/actuators and sensors.


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