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IDEAL Fish Tapes

  • Industry leading durability

  • Wide variety of tapes and cases to meet your specific needs

  • Available in Blued Steel™, Stainless Steel, S-Class®, Gold-Fish®, Zoom™ and Volt Guard™ to meet all industry applications

  • Specific types for pushing power, fishing bends and non-conductive needs

Length marked! Now laser etched in 12” increments to provide instant conduit length.


Tuff-Grip™ Pro

25 ft. Drop

Resistant Test

click the Fish Tap link and watch

our Drop Test video today!


Fish Tape Cases and Handles

Tuff-Grip™ Pro

  • Tuff-Cuff™ tape retaining feature keeps tape properly positioned in the opening

  • Full-perimeter handle band helps keep dirt and moisture out.

  • Superior pull-out and rewind characteristics

  • Exceptionally durable case and handle


  • Funneled tape opening reduces kinking and tape breakage

  • Reversible, hinged knob for right or left handed rewinds

  • Stationary handle for extra durability

  • Impact-resistant plastic case

  • Inner rotating reel with winding knob retrieves tape faster than traditional fish tapes for increased labor savings

Pro Handle

  • New vertical grip allows for faster payout and rewind

  • Ergonomically designed handle puts less strain on your wrist

  • Large hand opening allows for use with gloves

  • Attached to the exceptionally durable Tuff-Grip™ Pro Case

*On select S-Class® and Zoom™ Fish Tape Models.

Thumb Winder™

  • Convenient 7 in. size can be stored in tool bag

  • Durable, impact resistant ABS case

  • Easy-to-use thumb-operated rewind

  • Great for datacomm and small sized conduit applications

Fish Tape Materials

  • Laser etched in 12” increments to provide instant conduit length

  • Unique finish is non-oily and resists rust

  • Multiple options in width, length and eyelet for ease of use

  • Industry’s straightest wire

  • Stiffer for long runs

  • Highest grade carbon steel

  • Tensile strength 1,600 lbs.

  • Brass-plated coiled steel resists rust

  • No “memory” – hangs straight after being

  • coiled for long periods

  • Kink proof

  • Excellent for multiple bends

  • Laser etched in 12” increments to provide instant conduit length

  • Won’t rust or corrode in damp locations or humid environments

  • Super clean finish prevents marks on walls or carpets

  • Great for wet or corrosive work environment

  • Smoother pay-out

  • Tensile strength 1,600 lbs.

  • 19 strands of stainless steel

  • Ultrahard nylon jacket adds slipperiness, protects cables and the user’s hands

  • Excellent for corrugated plastic conduit

  • Excellent for multiple bends or wet/corrosive work environment

  • The only one in the industry

  • Non-conductive tape designed for use around live circuits

  • Strong S-Class® core for longer life and greater pushing power

  • Smooth nylon jacket provides great handling around bends

  • Omni-directional pushing

  • Non-conductive to 1000V

  • Rectilinear profile for superior pushing power

  • Designed for use around live circuits

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