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Kidde Intelligent Wire-Free Alarms

10-Year Sealed Lithium Battery

Eliminates late night battery chirp. Never change a battery! — $40 saved in battery costs over life of alarm

Voice Notifications

Bug Screen

Protects alarm from insect integration

Glowing LED Status Rings allow easy identification of current state of alarm


Interconnect wirelessly with Kidde Intelligent Wire-Free smoke alarms and combo smoke & carbon monoxide (CO) alarms.

This innovative line enables you to create a system of alarms right out of the box, without any need for additional wiring.

The alarms work together, so if one unit is triggered, all interconnected alarms will sound, providing whole-home protection. You can even install these alarms in a detached garage or workshop and be alerted by another alarm in the house.

Never change a battery. Each of these alarms contain a 10-year sealed-in lithium battery. They come in both battery operated and 120V hardwired (with 10-year battery backup) versions that last the life of the alarm.

Features of Intelligent Wire-Free Alarms

Six Models: 3 battery operated and 3 hardwired (with 10-year battery backup). Quick and Easy Setup: No dip switches. An average home setup takes just minutes. Voice Alerts: Announce the type of hazard detected. Smoke alarms announce “Fire!” when a smoke or fire hazard is detected. Combination Smoke/CO alarms additionally announce “Warning Carbon Monoxide” when a CO hazard is detected. Sealed-in Lithium Battery: No battery replacement required over the 10 year life of the alarm. Eliminates worry about battery removal or unauthorized deactivation of alarm. Photoelectric Sensor: Smoke alarms contain advanced photoelectric sensor that may detect visible particles (associated with smoldering fires) sooner than ionization alarms. Self Activation: Alarm automatically activates when attached to included mounting bracket. Test / HushTM Button: Tests alarm circuitry and activates Smart HushTM, which temporarily silences nuisance alarms. End of Life Warning: Indicates the alarm is in need of replacement. Listings:

  • Smoke Alarms – UL 217 Listed

  • Combination alarms – UL 217 and UL 2034 Listed

  • California State Fire Marshal Listed


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