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Lütze's new M12 Premium Connector for Cat. 6A

Dittman & Greer is pleased to announce the availablility of a new M12 Premium connector for Cat. 6A, manufactured by Lütze.

Thanks to its special IDC insulation displacement connection, it allows a much faster, safer and easier assembly than comparable connectors. The M12 - with its X-coded contact arrangement - is suitable for all broadband, Ethernet and Profinet applications, such as the 10 Gigabit real-time transmission of audio and video signals. The connector can easily accommodate cables from 5 mm and even thicker robot cables with a diameter of up to 9.7 mm and is suitable for cable diameters of AWG 22-26.

For further information on the new M12 and Lütze's full complement of cables and connectors, contact Dittman & Greer.


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