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Meltric's New DS60 and DSN150 for Hazardous Environments

MELTRIC now offers metal DS60 and metal DSN150 plugs and receptacles for hazardous-rated Division 2 / Zone 2 environments. The new ratings for these devices are:

  • Class I, Division 2, Groups ABCD, T6

  • Class I, Zone 2, IIC

DS60 and DSN150 Division 2 / Zone 2 receptacles feature a standard screw-type locking pawl. This required feature allows the user to lock the plug to the receptacle by tightening a screw on the pawl. For added security, a lockout hole is included on the receptacle that enables the user to insert a 5/16” lock or locking pin to prevent the plug from being disconnected or to lock the receptacle lid closed.

For more information on the DS60 and DSN150, click here to download the data sheet.


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