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Optimize Your Automation with Weidmüller's u-mation

With the rapid evolution of technology and the growing importance of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), having an automation solution that is not only robust but also future-ready is crucial. Weidmüller's u-mation offers precisely that – a powerful, easy-to-handle, and IIoT-ready automation solution designed to simplify your automation needs and prepare you for the future.

Embracing the Future of Automation

In a world where different sectors within the market demand tailored software applications to harness relevant data for individual needs, u-mation steps in with unmatched flexibility. It's a game-changer for plant and mechanical engineering, enabling easy access to the Industrial IoT. Here's why u-mation stands out:

Easy and Simple

Simplification is Key: u-mation is engineered to provide an easy-to-operate automation infrastructure with numerous standardized communication interfaces. It's an open system, allowing flexibility and seamless integration into any automation landscape.

Partnering for Success

Your Trusted Partner: Developed based on a deep understanding of industry requirements, u-mation is designed to support you as a long-term partner in automation and digitalization. It offers a combination of product diversity and extensive experience.


Ready for Tomorrow: u-mation is already future-proof. It fulfills the requirements of the Industrial IoT today and continues to expand its automation and engineering portfolio while adhering to the highest security standards


The Building Blocks of u-mation

To understand the power of u-mation, let's delve into its core components:

1. u-remote - Modular I/O System

The u-remote modular I/O system offers 10 fieldbus protocols and a selection of more than 100 I/O modules. With the ability to connect 64 modules in direct series, it's a comprehensive solution for data recording within the automation process.

2. u-control - Compact Control

The u-control 2000 serves as the heart of the automation system. Based on the design of the I/O system, it's compact yet powerful. Thanks to integrated container technology, individual software applications can be quickly installed, making it a versatile and efficient choice.

3. u-view - Visualization Solutions

The u-mation portfolio includes a wide range of Industrial PCs (IPCs) and touch panels for visualizing collected data. u-view also features the u-create PROCON-WEB visualization software, making control, operation, and monitoring a breeze.

The Advantages of u-remote

The u-remote I/O system is the foundation of u-mation, offering several unique advantages:

  • Modular and flexible for streamlined planning and installation.

  • Over 100 modules for various applications.

  • Integrated web server with diagnostics functions.

  • Dual electrically isolated current paths for inputs and outputs.

  • Space-saving design for increased planning flexibility.

Embracing Decentralization with u-remote

As automation becomes more decentralized, flexible I/O solutions are needed. u-remote simplifies system planning processes, prevents configuration errors, and supports engineering processes with its integrated web server.

The Power of u-control 2000

The u-control 2000 controller takes modular hardware to the next level. It's a high-performance controller compatible with the entire u-remote range, enabling direct connection of I/O modules.

u-control web - The Future of Automation

u-control web is a flexible automation solution that's ideal for small and medium-sized applications. It's part of the u-mation automation range, offering scalability and platform-independent web technologies.

Visualize and Control with u-view

u-view touch panels and panel PCs provide excellent image quality and can thrive in an industrial environment. They're reliable and offer high-performance capabilities for modern visualizations, controls, and IoT applications.

Power-Flo Technologies, in partnership with Weidmüller's u-mation, invites you to power up your automation solutions. With easy operation, a diverse product range, and a readiness for the IIoT, u-mation simplifies your automation needs while preparing you for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow's industrial landscape. Stay ahead, stay optimized, and choose u-mation for your automation solutions with the support and expertise of Power-Flo Technologies.


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