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Pizzato P-KUBE Safety Handles: Revolutionizing Industrial Safety

In the realm of industrial automation, safety is paramount. Pizzato's P-KUBE safety handles are engineered to elevate safety standards in your workspace. These innovative solutions are designed to provide maximum protection for your operators and machinery.

The Foundation: PD30 IO-Link Smart Sensors

P-KUBE safety handles are powered by the advanced PD30 IO-Link smart sensors. These sensors are highly flexible multifunction sensors in a compact housing. They offer features like background suppression, foreground suppression, and PointSpot versions with impressive sensing distances of up to 350mm. What sets them apart is their adaptability to different environments.

These sensors come in two housing styles. The first is an AISI 316L stainless steel version, engineered to withstand harsh or hygienic environments with its IP69K and ECOLAB approvals. The second version is made of durable ABS plastic and holds an IP67 approval, ensuring reliability even in challenging conditions.

Now, let's dive into the remarkable features of the P-KUBE safety handles.

P-KUBE 1: Robust and Reliable

The P-KUBE 1 safety handle is your robust companion, ready to enhance the safety of your workspace. It can be used with FD series safety switches with a separate actuator without a lock, as well as FG and FY series with a lock. Here's why it's exceptional:

  • It features a robust metal self-centering pin, ensuring perfect alignment between the door and jamb.

  • The metal pin has a mechanical door stop at the limit of travel, eliminating any mechanical stress on the safety switch.

  • An integral lockout device allows you to fit a padlock, preventing accidental guard closure.

P-KUBE 2: Elevating Safety Standards

The P-KUBE 2 safety handle takes safety to the next level. It can be used with NG series safety switches with a lock and RFID technology. Here's what you can expect:

  • Increased locked actuator holding force, reaching up to 9,750 N.

  • Door retaining force of 30 N when the door is unlocked, preventing accidental opening.

  • High anti-bypass coding, thanks to actuators with RFID technology.

  • A lockout device is available on request, allowing you to fit a padlock to prevent accidental guard closure.

  • Dual safety lockout ensures mechanical shielding, including actuator RFID recognition.

P-KUBE Fast: Compact and Efficient

Compact and efficient, the P-KUBE Fast safety handle offers seamless performance. It can be used with FD series safety switches with a separate actuator without a lock, as well as FG and FY series with a lock. Here's what it brings to the table:

  • A compact and lightweight solution.

  • Integrated internal lever for emergency guard opening.

  • Sliding motion with internal mechanical stop to prevent impacts between the actuator and the switch during closure.

  • An integral lockout device with padlock compatibility ensures accidental guard closure prevention.

P-KUBE Super: Meeting Demanding Environments Head-On

The P-KUBE Super safety handle is designed to excel in particularly demanding work environments, such as rolling mills. Its features include a dual centering pin, making it ideal for heavier doors with significant misalignment. It can be used with NG series safety switches with a lock and RFID technology.

New! P-KUBE Smart: A Modern Approach to Safety

Pizzato's latest addition to the P-KUBE family is the P-KUBE Smart safety handle. It is compatible with ST series RFID safety sensors and offers a range of modern features:

  • A front grip that can be customized in various finishes.

  • An illuminated control button built into the grip, with functions like call, open, reset, and more.

  • Modern and ergonomic design, with fully concealed fixing screws and cabling.

  • Tamper prevention with interlocking protection caps inserted into fixing screw holes.

  • High anti-bypass coding level, thanks to RFID technology actuators.

  • Available with integrated RGB LEDs for local signaling of guard state.

With P-KUBE safety handles, you're not just meeting safety standards; you're setting new ones. These innovative solutions ensure the well-being of your operators and the security of your machinery. If you're looking to enhance safety in your workplace, look no further than the P-KUBE family by Pizzato. Your commitment to safety deserves nothing less.

At Power-Flo Technologies, we are dedicated to providing you with the latest innovations and solutions to improve your projects. If you're interested in P-KUBE safety handles or any other safety products, feel free to reach out to us. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.


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