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POSITAL's WIEGAND SENSORS - Millions of Pulses, No Reduction in Energy

Unlocking the Future of Sensing with POSITAL's WIEGAND SENSORS

At Power-Flo Technologies, we're committed to bringing you the latest advancements in technology, and today, we're thrilled to introduce you to a game-changer: POSITAL's Wiegand Sensors. These sensors redefine magnetic sensing and pulse energy harvesting, and we are your trusted supplier for these groundbreaking products.

Self-Powered Magnetic Sensing and Pulse Energy Harvesting

Wiegand sensors offer bipolar magnetic sensing without the need for external voltage or current. Their unique material properties generate consistent pulses whenever magnetic field polarity switches. Beyond magnetic sensing, these sensors can power ultra-low power electronics using the energy from a single pulse. Alternatively, consecutive pulses can be stored to offset energy demands or wake-up intermittently powered circuits. This versatility makes them ideal for low-power and energy-saving applications.

Reap The Benefits

  • Millions of Pulses, No Reduction in Energy: Pulse energy remains consistent over time, unaffected by repeated or continuous use.

  • Frequency Independent Pulse Energy: Maintains energy levels even at extremely low frequencies of magnetic field change.

  • Zero Mechanical Wear: These sensors are non-contact and free from mechanical elements.

  • High Signal Noise Ratio: High slew rate and pulse voltage offer superior Signal-to-Noise Ratios (SNR) compared to other magnetic sensor technologies.

  • High Triggering Frequency: Consistent pulse width allows differentiation of events at frequencies up to 40kHz.

The Wiegand Experts

Under the POSITAL brand, they have built a strong team focused on Wiegand wire production and its application in Multiturn rotary encoders. The entire production chain, from alloy smelting to sensor assembly, is controlled and optimized by our engineering and logistics teams. Continuous improvements in product quality and production efficiency have expanded the possibilities of this technology, leading to the launch of UBITO in 2021, taking Wiegand Technology into new market segments



Harnessing Pulse Power: The energy produced by POSITAL's Wiegand sensors can power electronics, store energy, or provide intermittent operation.


  • Mechanical Energy Harvesting: Convert mechanical energy into pulse energy.

  • Wireless Power Transmission: Provide energy for low-power applications in challenging environments.

  • Self-sufficient IoT Sensors


Energy harvesting by the Wiegand effect has powered over a million devices, including water and gas meters and industrial encoders. It eliminates the need for external power sources or batteries.

Multi-turn Rotary Encoders: These absolute encoders integrate Wiegand-based energy harvesting, removing the need for batteries with their limitations.

Self-powered Event Counting: By combining event-triggered pulses with ultra-low power counting electronics, Wiegand-powered counting systems enable accurate maintenance cycle management even without external power.


POSITAL Kit Encoders for servo motors, stepper motors, and robotic systems in various industries.

Your Partner in Innovation

Power-Flo Technologies is proud to be your partner in innovation. As your trusted supplier, we ensure you have access to cutting-edge solutions like POSITAL's Wiegand Sensors. Together, let's unlock the future of sensing and make strides toward a more efficient and sustainable world.


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