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Safeguard Your Valuable Devices With ABB Surge Protective Devices

Protecting Your Valuable Electronics: ABB's Comprehensive Surge Protection Products

In today's digitally connected world, our homes are filled with valuable electronics and sensitive appliances that play a crucial role in our daily lives. From high-end televisions and home offices to refrigerators and air conditioning units, the average household could easily have over $15,000 worth of electronic equipment. However, these valuable assets are constantly under threat from electrical disturbances known as surges. That's where ABB, through Power-Flo Technologies, comes to the rescue with a comprehensive family of surge protection products designed to safeguard your electronics from the damaging effects of surges.

Understanding Surges

Before diving into how ABB's surge protection products can shield your electronics, let's grasp what surges are. A surge is an electrical disturbance that travels through various avenues, including AC power lines, telephone lines, and cable connections, potentially wreaking havoc on your home electronics and appliances


The Sources of Surges

Surges can originate from both inside and outside your home, posing a significant threat to your valuable electronics:


External Surges can come from various sources. When utility lines are damaged or downed, it can lead to power surges that can affect your home. Additionally, lightning strikes can send powerful surges through your electrical system, causing significant damage. Sudden changes in the utility grid can also result in surges. Even controlled power outages, while necessary at times, can introduce surges into your home's electrical system.


Internal Surges, on the other hand, originate from within your home. Everyday appliances like refrigerators, dryers, garage door openers, and AC units can generate internal surges when their motors cycle on and off. The fans in your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can also contribute to surges. Furthermore, power tools such as air compressors and miter saws, commonly found in workshops, have the potential to introduce surges into your electrical system. Given the diverse sources of surges, protecting your valuable electronics becomes paramount.

The Value of Surge Protection

Safeguarding your valuable electronics is a wise choice, considering how expensive modern devices and appliances can be. High-end televisions, for example, come with a substantial price tag, while home office equipment, including computers and peripherals, can quickly add up to a significant investment. Even smaller kitchen appliances and portable gadgets can strain your budget. Given the overall expense of these electronics, protecting them from electrical surges isn't just a cautious move; it's absolutely essential for safeguarding your investments.

ABB's Surge Protection Product Line

ABB recognizes the critical importance of safeguarding your electronics from surges. To meet this need, they offer a comprehensive surge protection product line with key features designed to provide the highest level of protection. ABB's surge protection products adhere to IEC/BS EN 62305 standards, ensuring enhanced protection by offering low let-through voltage to minimize the risk of flashovers and dangerous sparking. These surge protectors are engineered to withstand lightning-intense environments, providing repeated protection. ABB's surge protection devices also incorporate a user-friendly pluggable module design with anti-vibration locking clips, ensuring straightforward replacement when needed. Their compact design saves space in your electrical setup, while a built-in indicator keeps you informed about the module's replacement status. Moreover, ABB's surge protectors can interface seamlessly with building management systems, providing real-time status updates for added convenience and security.

ABB's surge protection products offer a versatile solution for safeguarding your electrical system. These protective devices can be strategically installed at different points within your electrical setup to ensure comprehensive protection. Starting with the Main Distribution Board, which serves as the service entrance to your home, you can shield your entire electrical system using ABB's Furse lightning current and equipotential bonding SPDs, Furse AC power SPDs, and Furse DC power SPDs designed specifically for photovoltaic systems, among other options. For more targeted protection, sub-distribution board surge protectors can be installed to extend the shield to specific areas of your home. Even at the local level, ABB offers protection with Furse plug-in SPDs, ensuring the safety of sensitive and critical equipment. With this multi-level approach to mains power protection, ABB's surge protection products provide a robust defense against electrical surges.

Power-Flo Technologies: Your Trusted Partner for Surge Protection

ABB's surge protection products, available through Power-Flo Technologies, are your trusted guardians against the potentially devastating effects of surges on your valuable electronics. With their advanced features and comprehensive protection, you can rest easy, knowing that your electronics are safe from the unexpected electrical disturbances that can wreak havoc on your home. Invest in surge protection today and enjoy peace of mind as you continue to enjoy your connected lifestyle.


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