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ROBOTIZE: GoPal, Automated Pallet Transport

The GoPal is an Autonomous Transport Robot that uses natural navigation to find its way within the facility. This self driven robot is made for transporting pallets between designated GoPal Pallet Stations.

The robot uses lasers and 3D cameras to “see” its surroundings and find out where it is. The lasers are also used to prevent collisions with objects and people, and can “see” more than 10 meters round the robot.

The GoPal needs less space to operate than an employee with a pallet jack and can turn on its own axis. This alone makes it one of the most maneuverable and agile mobile robots on the market. It also features intelligent navigation that allows GoPal to make dynamic decisions on the fly. If GoPal comes across an obstacle – such as an object or a person – it will drive around it. If the path is completely blocked, the GoPal will find the shortest alternate route to its destination.

ROBOTIZE - GoPal, Automated Pallet Transport
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