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Are you ready for next-level performance?

Streamline track-and-trace and quality inspections with automated data and image capture systems. 
Sometimes, reaching the next level of performance requires next-level technology. Zebra’s Fixed Industrial Scanners, Machine Vision Systems, and Aurora software offer an easy-to-use automation platform that elevates track-and-trace and inspections to unleash the potential of your business.
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Conquer Any

Machine Vision Challenge

Zebra industrial machine vision and fixed scanning solutions
Two Technologies. One Software Platform. 
Simplify automation management with Zebra Aurora™.
Automated data capture and machine vision systems don’t have to be  complicated. Aurora is the single, unified software platform that makes it  simple to deploy and easy to use Zebra’s fixed scanners and machine vision cameras.
One unified platform: Get employees up to speed with less training time.

Easy to use: An intuitive interface puts data and image capture tools at your fingertips. 

Powerful: Zebra only imaging tools tackle any challenges.

Flexible upgrade path: Upgrade your toolset with a simple software license.
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Download the solution guide for more information about Zebra Aurora.
High-performance track and trace.
Boost performance with Zebra’s fixed scanning solutions.
Accelerate throughput and increase visibility with a new range of fixed industrial scanners. Zebra’s trusted decode performance enables automatic track and trace of products, parts, or packages as they move through manufacturing, warehouse, and fulfillment operations.
Deploy quickly: Easy to use, no prior experience required.

Accelerate throughput: Automatically capture multiple barcodes simultaneously.

Easy communication: Connect via USB-C, serial or ethernet.

Upgrade when you're ready: Add features with a software license upgrade—no need for new hardware.
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Download the Fixed Scanning Solution Guide for more information.
Power excellence in inspections.
Automate inspections with Zebra’s machine vision solutions.
Don’t let quality inspections slow your operations. Zebra’s easy-to-master portfolio of machine vision solutions makes it easy to automate data and image capture to identify defects and ensure the quality of every part, assembly, or product.
Automate inspections: Capture and analyze images in real time.

High-quality images: A wide range of sensor, lens, and lighting options adapts to any situation.

Add advanced capabilities: Upgrade imaging tools with a simple software license.

Reduce errors: Use smart algorithms to elevate quality control inspections.
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Download the Machine Vision Solution Guide for more information.
Meet the new family.
From the compact FS10 to the full-featured VS70, Zebra’s lineup of Fixed Industrial Scanners and Machine Vision Systems offers a wide range of sensor, lighting, and lens options to meet any data capture or automated imaging challenge. You can even upgrade FS20, FS40, and FS70 scanners to VS20, VS40, and VS70 machine vision cameras with only a software license—no need to invest in new hardware as your needs evolve.
Connect the FS10 to a workstation, tablet, laptop or other host device via USB to automate barcode data capture.
Multiple connectivity options offer easy integration into a PLC or Host network, enabling primary scanning applications that drive business processes.
Meet complex barcode capture requirements with flexible options like decode range, illumination, connectivity, power and more.
Customize the FS70 with four image sensors, C-mount external lenses, and lighting options to achieve flawless track and trace in any environment.
Compact Data Capture
Integrates Anywhere
Perform simple quality inspections on the production line with multiple connectivity options to easily integrate into a PLC or Host network.
All-in-One Performance
A broad set of capabilities and flexible options allow you to drive complex inspection applications with a single device.
Completely Customizable
Choose from multiple image sensors, external lenses, and lighting options to power flawless quality inspections in any environment. 
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Contact Power-Flo Technologies to learn more.
Power-Flo Technologies is a unique organization of distributors, fabricators, manufacturers, and service firms that bring innovative solutions to businesses throughout the New York metropolitan and New England areas. As a certified Zebra partner, we offer the expertise and knowledge needed to help you get the most out of the latest Fixed Industrial Scanners and Machine Vision Systems.
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