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Customer Success:

Bethpage Library Project


“They saved us over $480,000 compared to the initial estimates.”

Rob Sporing

Assistant Director

Bethpage Public Library




  • Reduce ongoing maintenance costs

  • Improve lighting quality

  • Realize energy efficient savings

  • Energy-efficient lighting equipment

  • Expert assistance with PSEG rebates

  • Sourced through Nassau County contract

  • Over $480,000 in savings over original bid

  • $45,000 in additional rebates

  • High quality energy efficient lighting

The Bethpage Public Library in Nassau County is a vibrant community resource that not only provides books on loan, but also hosts many cultural activates, events, and educational programs.


With a history dating back to its organization in 1926 as the Central Park Free Library, the Bethpage Public Library has expanded its range of services over the decades and remains an important community social and learning hub.


Lighting Upgrade Drivers


“We had to do something to improve lighting quality and reduce maintenance costs,” said Rob Sporing, Assistant Director at Bethpage Public Library (BPL). “Our building is over 50 years old and we had a dated lighting system.


“Lighting quality was poor in some areas, and maintenance costs had become an operating expense issue. We needed a solution that addressed these problems but was also cost-effective."

Sticker Shock


BPL launched a project to study the feasibility of upgrading to a modern, energy-efficient lighting system.


The $1.2 million initial estimate provided to BPL was a non-starter, leading Sporing to investigate alternative approaches and suppliers. That’s when Power-Flo Technologies was asked to review the proposed project.


“We have a lighting department staffed by experts in energy efficient lighting technologies, fixtures, and rebate programs” said Jerry DiCunzolo, CEO of Power-Flo Technologies (PFT). 


“Right away we saw areas where we could take cost out of the project while improving the end result. In the end we saved BPL over $480,000 when compared to the original project estimate.”

Multi-Faceted Savings


Several factors enabled PFT to make such a dramatic reduction in overall project cost.


First, the company’s lighting department did a complete energy audit and specification. PFT’s experts recommended swapping many of the originally specified fixtures for ones of equal or better quality that qualified for rebates.


Second, PFT worked with BPL and PSEG to gain pre-approval of the rebate before the project kicked off. PFT secured an additional $45,000 in rebates than would have been realized under the old plan. Unlike some providers, PFT assists with rebate documentation, but does not receive any rebate monies – which go directly to the customer.


Third, BPL was able to source all equipment from PFT using a standard Nassau County contract vehicle. This provided great products for the project at the most favorable cost terms for BPL.

The Supplier Matters


“PFT’s expertise made all the difference,” said Sporing. “It’s one thing for a supplier to put together an estimate, but it’s another thing to have the knowledge, programs, and product selection to maximize savings.


“We are very pleased with the new system, and BPL is realizing payback far more quickly that otherwise would have been the case.”

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