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Automation Training

Power-Flo Technologies training department offers introductory, advanced and maintenance classes on our high tech industrial products including Siemens automation hardware and software. Regardless of background knowledge and experience, our instructors will get your students to the level required for their project or responsibilities.

We have training facilities in our Rochester, Buffalo, Auburn branch locations to provide flexibility for each region we serve. In addition to our standard class offerings, we have the ability to customize and create specific classes to meet our customers training needs.

All Siemens Automation classes are led by a Certified Siemens Application Engineer for Factory Automation. Our factory certified engineers have extensive experience in industry and have demonstrated knowledge of products and technologies through comprehensive hands-on and written testing. Each trainer has been certified to possess the proven ability to design and implement automation solutions while utilizing Siemens best practices.

Check the pages linked below to learn more about our specific courses offered!

Monthly Siemens Courses

Standard Siemens Courses

Standard and custom courses are also available on-site. Contact your local sales person for details and availability.

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