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Case Studies

Don't wait years for results - see how Macy's experienced a transformation with PFT

We designed and built a custom power distribution system as part of a $400 million top-to-bottom remodel of the iconic Macy’s store.


We get key systems back online in 48 hours. 

Power-Flo Technologies' impact on Hurricane Sandy: A closer look
Powering Healthcare Excellence: The New York Downtown Hospital Case Study

We upgraded aging BAC towers with an innovative in-place installation that eliminated the need to dismantle the old system.


We did a turnkey energy-efficient lighting upgrade.

Transforming Lives: PFT Role in the Viscardi Center Case Study

We replaced a wound rotor motor with a state of the art VFD drive and designed controls to fit into the existing cabinets. 

PFT Innovative Solution for East Brunswick Water Authority

We reduced cost by 33% on a major lighting upgrade.

Enhancing the Bethpage Library Experience: How PFT Achieved Customer Success
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