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Engineering Support

We give contractors access to engineering expertise that helps them take on larger and more complex projects. We make the drawings and actively help with approvals.

Fast Response

We know when time is of the essence. We deliver supplies multiple times every day, and in emergencies our technicians are available to help onsite if needed.

A to Z Project Management

We don’t force you to coordinate different suppliers. We handle design-build projects from start to finish on your behalf.


We are specialists in providing electrical controls, power distribution equipment, transformers, variable frequency drives, plant automation equipment and electric motors to industry, OEM's and contractors. We also offer traditional wholesale electrical supply items such as industrial lighting, wire, conduit, fittings, etc. Our inside sales professionals help customers select and support the electrical products we sell.  Our engineers use our training capabilities to keep our customers up to date with the newest technologies available.

  • Electrical Boxes

  • Channels & Struts

  • Conduit & Raceways

  • Electrical Devices

  • Distribution Equipment

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  • Enclosures & Accessories

  • Lighting Solutions

  • Motor Controls

  • Transformers

  • Wire & Cable