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Customer Success:

Macy’s Herald Square Project


“Any other supply house would never have gotten it done in time”

Glenn Schorr


Schorr Electrical Contracting




  • Support power distribution for ambitious multi-year remodel project

  • Work within space constraints unique to the location

  • Deliver a cost-effective solution that satisfies New York City code

  • Custom switchgear designed and built by Long Island Electrical

  • Busway designs and switchgear room layouts

  • Required drawings and design support for New York City approvals

  • On-time delivery and installation

  • Less labor-intensive installation

  • Additional space made available for retail use

Macy’s Herald Square is a New York City icon, attracting 20 million shoppers from around the world each year. The store boasts 1 million square feet of retail space and offers 4 million individual items for sale on a typical day.


In 2011 Macy’s announced a $400 million multi year top-to-bottom remodel of its flagship store, expanding selling space to 1.1 million square feet and creating the most technologically advanced shopping experience in the world.


Foundational to the project was a full upgrade of the store’s power distribution system. Shorr Electrical Contracting partnered with Long Island Electrical Distributing to design and install the upgraded system.


“Power distribution was one of the first things we tackled,” said Sal Ganaden, senior associate at Highland Associates, consulting engineers for the project. “The remodel had to support new power requirements for technology and new media throughout the store. In addition, we had to plan for 22 restaurants and foodservice locations, as well as expanded retail space.”


Custom Design


Engineers from Long Island Electrical (LIE) worked with Schorr and General Electric to design the new system. “We built seven significant switchboards that power nearly all of the Herald Square block,” said Gerry DiCunzolo, president of LIE.


LIE designed and built all of the panels using GE switchgear. The job included everything from where Con Edison entered the building and distribution of power to all floors.


Besides delivering 400 to 600 AMP service to each floor, there were significant physical design challenges. Feeder busways had to be routed through confined spaces, and switchgear rooms were space-constrained.


“Designing and installing switchgear for tight spaces is one of our core strengths,” said DiCunzolo. “Standard switchgear could not be used due to height constraints. We designed and fabricated custom panels that not only fit the available space, but also provided additional square footage to the retail side of the store.”

Code Specialists


“LIE created the drawings we needed, and they helped us work with the City to gain approvals for the unique system we delivered,” said Glenn Shorr, president of Shorr Electrical Contracting.


“The original design called for MI cable, which is expensive and very labor intensive to install,” said DiCunzolo. “We were able to satisfy both the City and the project requirements by creating an improved design. Our expertise in the New York code and our experience with custom switchgear solutions made a much cleaner installation possible.”

On-Time Delivery


LIE’s ability to meet delivery schedules was vital to the project’s success. “Macy’s is a challenging place for deliveries,” said Schorr. “All of the retail deliveries take priority, as they should. This leaves only a few specific windows of time to bring in new equipment, and naturally they are at odd times of the day.”


“LIE’s flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile made a big positive difference. Any other supply house would never have gotten it done in time.”

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