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Introduction to Siemens:
Step 7 TIA Portal “Professional” PLC Programming

Introduction to Siemens:
Step 7 TIA Portal “Professional” PLC Programming

Monthly Siemens Courses, Three Days

8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

Power-Flo Technologies

Class Overview

The latest release of Siemens Step 7, TIA Portal, is a powerful and tightly integrated software solution for automation and provides a feature-rich programming environment for the latest Siemens programmable logic controllers. The TIA Portal version of Step 7 offers a refined user interface, extended drag-and-drop functionality, and simple and powerful library management for reusable logic.

This class is for the programmer who will be using Siemens Step 7 “TIA Portal” for the first time, or for those looking to refresh their skills on the TIA Portal basics. Topics include PLC programming, hardware configuration, diagnostics, and networking basics.

The Introduction to Step 7 TIA Portal course includes program development using Siemens S7-300 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Step 7 TIA Portal software. The training is approximately 60 percent lecture and 40 percent hands-on practical application. The course goal is to quickly bring the skilled PLC programmer up to speed with programming methods, software features, and strategies. The training format is primarily interactive and seeks to engage students and answer their application specific questions. Instructors will also be available to discuss applications during periodic training breaks and at the close of each daily session.

Students will leave with a working knowledge of Step 7 TIA Portal and the ability to create a functional project in Step 7 by configuring automation hardware and creating a PLC program. Students are also provided with printed copies of all training slides and labs, a certificate of completion, and a hardcover copy of Automating with SIMATIC S7-300 inside TIA Portal by Hans Berger. Students also have the opportunity to meet their local AAI support personnel, and are provided with contact information for post-training technical support from both AAI and Siemens.

Certified Instructors

This class is led by a Certified Siemens Technology Specialist for Factory Automation. AAI factory certified engineers have extensive experience in industry and have demonstrated knowledge of products and technologies through comprehensive hands-on and written testing. Each trainer has been certified to possess the proven ability to design and implement automation solutions while utilizing Siemens’ best practices.

Note: Students preparing to work with Step 7 “Classic” v5.5 development should instead consider SIEMENS Introduction to Step 7 “Classic” PLC programming.

Syllabus Topics Offered & Prerequisites

Siemens S7 hardware overview

Hardware & remote I/O configuration

S7 PLC software structure

PLC logic programming

Writing re-usable functions

Profibus and Profinet networking basics

Controller memory layout

Controller organization

Using data blocks for data storage

Using watch tables to monitor and modify variables

Monitoring logic and program flow

Using the cross-reference utility

Hardware and software diagnostics

Students should have a basic understanding of PLC programming, including ladder logic, prior to enrolling in this class.

Registration & Details

Duration: Three days from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM - Lunch is provided

Cost: $1500 per student

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