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Custom Motor Control Systems


If a facility had a heart, it would probably be in its motor controls. Motor controls deliver the unseen services needed for the facility to fulfill its purpose. Just like the human heart, they usually remain unnoticed – until a breakdown happens.


At the Power-Flo Technologies companies, we specialize in supplies, services, and solutions for motor controls. We can repair and refurbish many kinds of pumps and motors, and we also design new systems.


  • Design to Space Constraints - We have the ability to create solutions for tight spaces. We have saved customers lots of money by retrofitting new controls into existing cabinets. If there is a way to fit the space, we will find it.

  • Project Management - We operate as a one-stop shop and coordinate any third parties that may be involved in the project.

  • Engineering Support - Our engineers will visit the site to insure that the solution we design is correctly engineered for the space and the intended use of the system.

  • Energy Efficiency - We are experts in energy efficiency, and our customers typically realize significant operational cost savings with our motor control systems.

Contractors, professional engineers, and facilities directors call on us when they have an unusual requirement or an emergency situation. We are known for our expertise, creativity, and perseverance in helping customers solve problems.


We can do everything from supplying a hard-to-find specialty part all the way up to complete design-build projects. We provide:

  • Integration Services

  • VFD Start-up Service

  • Programming Assistance & Service

  • Electrical & Mechanical Engineers on Staff

Typical solution components may include:

  • Two-Speed Nema Rated Starters

  • IEC and Nema Rated Full-Voltage Starters

  • Control Stations

  • Nema 1, Nema 3R, Nema 12 and Nema 4X, Nema 7/9

  • Enclosures -ALL IN STOCK

  • PLCs & Automation Products

  • Industrial and Plug-in Relays

  • Pilot Devices, 30MM & 22MM

  • Custom Control Systems Based on Plans & Specifications

  • Motor Control Centers

  • Automatic Transfer Switches 150A - 3000A

  • Variable Frequency Drives with By-Pass Panel 

  • Reduced Voltage Solid-State Starters

  • Wye-Delta, Part Winding, Auto Transformer

  • Reduced Voltage Starters


One-Stop Shop

Financial Benefits

Value-Add Services

  • Single source: we take responsibility for the entire project

  • Turnkey design-build process

  • Onsite engineering review and assistance

  • AutoCAD drawings for approval

  • Product sourcing

  • Custom enclosures and panel fabrication

  • Single source eliminates multiparty coordination and reduces cost

  • Product and component purchasing power

  • Value-add services provided at highly reduced costs

  • Cost-saving process and materials recommendations

  • Drawing preparation

  • Custom motor controls engineering

  • Enclosures and panel fabrication

  • Full motor and pump repair services

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