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Fixed Scanners and Machine Vision
Now Included in the GO Zebra Trade-In Program
Trade in your current handheld scanners, fixed scanners or machine vision cameras and save up to $100 per device when you upgrade to Zebra’s simpler and easier-to-use industrial automation technologies.
Introducing Zebra’s Industrial Automation Solutions
Zebra’s revolutionary new industrial automation devices deliver both fixed
scanning and machine vision in a single hardware platform, and there’s just one
powerful but easy-to-use software application to set up and configure your jobs.
Fixed Industrial Scanners
Capture 1D/2D barcodes, DPMs and OCR text to automate production, inspect labels and packaging, and enable end-to-end traceability.
Machine Vision Sensors
Use Zebra’s powerful sensors to automate your visual inspections, packaging checks, process step confirmation, part and product counting, and robotic workflows.
Save Money on Fixed Industrial Scanners and Machine Vision
Purchase Industrial Machine Vision and Fixed Scanners
FS10, FS20, VS20
FS40, VS40, FS70, VS70
End User Rebate
Trade in your qualifying handheld scanners, fixed scanners or machine vision cameras including non-Zebra
products, and save $50 to $100 per device toward Zebra’s superior new solutions.
Zebra Fixed Industrial Scanning and Machine Vision
Solutions for Product Traceability, Process Automation and Visual Inspection
A Powerful Line-Up of Devices to Suit Your Applications
Your Quick and
Compact Solution
Just plug this small footprint Fixed Industrial Scanning smart camera into the USB port of a workstation, laptop, tablet or any other host device to capture barcode data.
Your Easily
Integrated Solution
Multiple connectivity options facilitate easy integration into your PLC or Host network, enabling primary Fixed Industrial Scanning and Machine Vision applications to feed the processes that drive your business.
Tailor this adaptable Fixed Industrial Scanning and Machine Vision device to your specific needs bu choosing from flexible options that include standard and wideangle field of view, liquid lens options, built-in filters, and multiple illumination, power and connectivity options.
Fully Customizable Solution
Address complex imaging needs and make even the most challenging code reads or inspections easy to capture. Customize your Fixed Industrial Scanning and Machine Vision application by choosing from two image sensors and a wide range of c-mount lenses and lighting options.
Buy the features you need today...upgrade to the features you need tomorrow.
Zebra’s line of Fixed Industrial Scanners and Machine Vision Smart Cameras are built from the ground up to adapt to new business needs and changing customer demands. With this uniquely-Zebra device architecture, you can buy only what you need today, and upgrade to whatever technologies you need in the future. The result? A scalable path to new functionality as needs change — and maximum value out of the devices you purchase.
• Automated and Reliable Data Capture
• Proven Track-and-Trace
• High-Quality Image Capture
• Sophisticated Scanning and Image Analysis
• Robust Integration and Communication
• Fast and Simple Deployment
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Contact Power-Flo Technologies to learn more.
Power-Flo Technologies is a unique organization of distributors, fabricators, manufacturers, and service firms that bring innovative solutions to businesses throughout the New York metropolitan and New England areas. As a certified Zebra partner, we offer the expertise and knowledge needed to help you get the most out of the latest Fixed Industrial Scanners and Machine Vision Systems.
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