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Robots and Accessories

Power-Flo and supports both collaborative and industrial robots. Universal Robots (UR) allow robots and personnel to work in close proximity increasing productivity, in some cases, by 85%. UR has tested and certified numerous 3rd party end-effectors and accessories ensuring simple set-up, reliable operation, smooth user experience, and easy programming. The URCaps platform allows the 3rd parties to integrate their software and set-up procedures into UR’s hand-held controller.

For industrial applications we sell and supports Denso’s 5 & 6-axis and SCARA robots. The 6-axis VS-S2 series meets the strict hygienic demands of the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Applications for both types of robots include assembly, grinding, polishing, de-burring, packaging and palletizing. A variety of end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT) is available along with vision systems, safety guarding and cable management.

  • Collaborative Robots

  • Industrial Robots

  • SCARA Robots

  • Parallel Robots

  • Controllers

  • Grippers Systems

  • force-torque

  • mechanical

  • vacuum

  • magnetic

  • Part Presence / Pick-In-Place Detection and Inspection (Sensors / Vision)

  • System Safety Guarding

  • Cable Management

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