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Cables and Cable Protection System

We bring world class products from the best electrical equipment suppliers to our customers, and at Power-Flo Technologies, we specialize in providing original equipment manufacturers with the products they need. These include a diverse array of wiring devices and connectors.

We provide high quality, safe & reliable wiring devices including switch rated, hazardous duty, multipin and standard duty plugs & receptacles. These products offer unique features not found on other pin and sleeve devices including spring-loaded butt contacts, solid silver-nickel contact material, dead front construction, spring-assisted terminals and push button circuit disconnection which help to ensure user safety and improve performance and reliability.

We are proud to offer high quality, cost effective products including junction blocks, rectangular connectors, panel interface connectors, ethernet switches, cables & receptacles as well as field wireables & cable glands.

  • Continuous Flex Cables

  • Replacement Servomotor Cables

  • Cable Carriers

  • Pre-harnessed Cable Carriers

  • Robot Dress Packs

  • Industrial Ethernet Patch Cables

  • Power and Control Cables

  • Data Communication Cables

  • Fiber Optic Cables

  • Molded Cordsets

  • Junction Blocks

  • Network Connectors

  • Panel Interface Connectors

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