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Motion Control

Motion control is a key piece of most automated systems, and at Power-Flo Technologies, we distribute the best of these products. Our customers can choose from a variety of superior quality motion control devices. We carry a number of inline, offset, hollow, and right angle gearheads which are ideal for a wide range of applications. Other motion control products include PLCs with integrated motion servomotors, main, linear, torque, and spindle motors. Each motion control system features compact design and a high degree of operating efficiency.

Improve your productivity and processes by partnering with Power-Flo Technologies in your electromechanical motion control requirements. Rotary, linear and direct-drive servo motors, step motors, smart-motors and intelligent drives with networking capability are only a portion of our offering. Stand-alone controls along with PC and PLC based motion controllers; single or multi-axis system are in our product selection. All accessories including precision gear reducers and couplers are offered. Services include motor sizing, application assistance and programming.

  • PLC- Based Motion Control

  • PC-Based Motion Controllers

  • IEC61131-3 programming languages

  • CodeSys

  • Nema and IEC frame sizes

  • Smart Servo Motors

  • Linear Servo Motors

  • Direct Drive Rotary Motors

  • Explosion-proof Servo Motors

  • Cartridge Motors

  • Washdown Servo Motors

  • Frameless Servo Motors

  • Geared Servo Motors

  • Miniature Brushless DC Motors

  • Stepper Motors

  • Smart Stepper Motors

  • Linear Stepper Motors

  • Servo Drive Controllers

  • Servo Drives

  • Stepper Drive Controllers

  • Stepper Drives

  • Precision Gearboxes

  • Rotary Encoders

  • Resolvers

  • Linear Encoders

  • Couplings

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