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Our Family of Companies 


AAI, a Power-Flo Technologies Company has evolved into a unique company, with the capabilities of an electrical products distributor, manufacturer, and service organization all rolled into one. Our success has been due to our employees, who have over 1000 years of combined experience in the many business segments of the electrical industry we serve.


We provide a wide diversity of electrical and plumbing supplies. Our extensive turnkey project capabilities include energy efficient lighting, power distribution, and custom motor controls solutions.


Automation solutions dedicated to improving manufacturing and machine performance.


Dittman & Greer is a leading Northeast supplier of automation, sensing and electric heating products for a wide range of industrial process applications and industries – from biotech to commercial cooking, submarines and aerospace.


Local NYC area Electrical Equipment Manufacturer: 

  • UL 67 Custom Panelboards 

  • UL 891 Custom Switchboards 

  • UL 50 Custom Pullboxes 

  • Con Edison Service End Boxes 

  • Con Edison CT Cabinets 

  • LIPA CT Cabinets 

  • Custom Ground Bars 

  • Breaker and Switch Retrofits 

  • Retrofit Panelboards 

  • NYC Electrical Advisory Board Drawings 

  • Expedited lead times over National manufacturers

We provide a wide diversity of electrical and plumbing supplies. Our extensive turnkey project capabilities include energy efficient lighting, power distribution, and custom motor controls solutions.


Plumbing Services


Nassor Electrical Supply has served the needs of the OEM, Industrial, Commercial and MRO markets in New Jersey. We carry an extensive inventory of quality products from some of the industry's most respected manufacturers.


Our experienced sales staff can assist engineers, electricians and maintenance supervisors in troubleshooting any electrical problem they encounter to find the correct solution.


Power-Flo Pumps & Systems pump company was established by a group of industry veterans. Our staff has a combined industry experience of nearly 100 years.

Our products offer consistent quality standards, premium materials of construction, third party certification and reliable performance.


Renewal, Powered by Belimo is your retrofit expert backed by more than 40 years of HVAC innovations. Founded with the objective of creating comprehensive replacement solutions to revitalize HVAC systems in hospitals, colleges and universities, apartment complexes, hotels, and office buildings.


Twinco has designed and supplied temperature control systems and LG variable refrigerant flow systems on thousands of projects for major HVAC mechanical contractors. Those projects include schools, financial institutions, office buildings, residences, government facilities, theaters, retail stores, factories, and hospitals. With two fully stocked locations, over 30 employees, on-site engineering support and same day delivery, Twinco is the leading solutions provider for HVAC mechanical contractors throughout New York City and Long Island.


We are engineers who also provide electrical and plumbing supplies. We design switchgear and motor controls, and fabricate them in our UL-certified shop. We thrive on helping our customers solve complex problems.

Beyond supplying great products, we are staffed to deliver a wide range of value-add services. We are a one-stop shop for project solutions and emergency repairs. We provide engineering expertise, drawings, approval assistance, fabrication, and delivery of finished systems.


We partner with building owners to reduce energy costs and minimize the risk of unexpected expenses. Today we serve more than:

  • 3,600 buildings

  • 147,000,000 square feet of space

  • 100,000 occupants

We pioneered Adaptive Energy Management, an innovative approach which delivers 30% reductions in energy costs on average.

Our solution, USE Manager, adapts to each building and integrates energy data across the entire portfolio.

Our analytical tools deliver deeper insights, highlighting hidden inefficiencies and opportunities to save.

We actively work with your team to ensure that energy savings are realized.


L. Winik & Associates, A Power-Flo Technologies Company has been considered the HVAC Industry’s leading source for motor controls and electric heating products in the New York Tri-State and Philadelphia areas for over a half-century. From job quotations to Value Engineering, custom motor starters and panel building, our company has been involved in all types of projects; hospitals, schools, commercial office buildings, retail stores, warehouses, arenas, and stadiums.

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