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Robotic Solutions


Power-Flo Technologies sells and supports both collaborative and industrial robots. Collaborative robots allow robots and personnel to work in close proximity increasing productivity, in some cases, by 85%. In addition, we offer tested and certified 3rd party end-effectors and accessories that ensure a simple set-up, reliable operation, smooth user experience, and easy programming for both our collaborative and industrial offerings. Applications for both types of robots include assembly, grinding, polishing, de-burring, packaging and palletizing.


  • Collaborative Robots

  • Industrial Robots 

  • SCARA Robots

  • Parallel Robots

  • Controllers

  • Cobots 

  • Vision

  • Machine Vision LED Lighting

  • Flexible Cable Management

  • Autonomous Mobile Robots

  • Gippers Systems

    • Force-Torque

    • Mechanical

    • Vacuum

    • Magnetic

  • Grippers

  • Force Torque Sensors

  • Laser/Vision Bin Picking

  • Safety Products

  • 3D Scanning

  • Part Presence / Pick-In-Place Detection and Inspection (Sensors / Vision)

  • System Safety Guarding

  • Cable Management

  • Sensors

  • Robot Work Stations

  • 7th Axis

  • Encoders/Conveyor Positioning

Our factory trained and certified engineers can provide the full range of value added services to commission your system, train your staff, and minimize downtime to achieve the lowest total cost of ownership throughout the entire automation lifecycle.

Application Engineering​

  • Application Consulting

  • System Design & Integration Expertise

  • System Engineering Assistance(Gripper/ Sensor/ Vision/ Safety/ Cable Management)

  • Proof of Concept & Feasibility Testing

  • Industry Standards & Regulatory Compliance

  • Safety Risk Assessment (JP, Certified TuV)

Customer Service​

  • Product selection

  • Quotations

  • Order Entry, Tracking & Expediting

  • Returns, Warranty, & Repairs

  • Technical Phone Support

On-Site Services​

  • Installation supervision

  • Set-up and Configuration

  • Debugging

  • Optimization

  • Documentation

  • Programming & Commissioning of Robots Systens

Programming & Training​

  • Knowledge Legacy Platforms & Current Technology

  • Upgrades & Modernization of Existing Systems

  • Multi-platform(PLC, HMI, Motion, VFD, Machine Vision)

  • Hands On Classroom Courses

  • Customized Training Classes (Site or at Headquarters)

  • Manufacturer's Factory Training 

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