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What can PFT do for Medical Device Manufacturers?

What can PFT do for Medical Device Manufacturers?

For over 30 years, our team of engineers has been successfully designing and implementing solutions for companies that manufacture Medical Devices. Specializing in automation, drives, motion control, machine vision, machine safety and robots, we can help customize solutions that fit your requirements.

Optimize Production and Increase Quality using Collaborative Robots

Dynamic Group, a contract manufacturer based in Minnesota, USA, had difficulty staffing their injection molding production and wanted to better utilize their existing labor force. They turned to a collaborative robot solution, and found success. Three collaborative robot arms from Universal Robots have now taken over several repetitive tasks, resulting in improved product consistency and production capacity increases of up to 400%!

Operational Excellence in Medical Device Manufacturing

Medical Device Manufacturing is critically dependent on adhering to standards of operational excellence and exceeding FDA compliance requirements at every single stage of the product lifecycles for medical devices. Maintaining those levels of quality in today’s market environment becomes very challenging when combined with the competitive need to also increase efficiency, minimize risk, and foster design innovation. Siemens products are used to “digitalize” across multidisciplinary, software and hardware mechatronic domains with our data-centric approaches and automation, making product and process knowledge explicit, accessible and reusable.


Non-Destructive Testing Made Easy!

One of the most important aspects of medical device manufacturing is quality inspection to verify and document that products are made to specification. Non-Destructive testing is an efficient and accurate approach to performing quality inspection for manufactured parts and products. Ours staff can recommend the right technology for the application, be it 2D camera or 3D laser scanning.

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