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SICHARGE D – the future of DC fast charging

The future of fast charging: High-power, flexible, modular, and scalable

Dynamic and flexible, the SICHARGE D compact charger offers numerous built-in options:

  • Dynamic power allocation easily considers eVehicle's individual power demands and ensures optimized charging time.

  • The SICHARGE D chargers allow an easy upgrade of charging power to meet evolving charging needs.

  • The 24” touchscreen makes charging an experience and enables easy integration of customized content.

  • Cost-efficient and space-saving, the SICHARGE D can be easily extended with two DC dispensers to charge up to five cars in parallel.


The future of DC fast charging

Dynamic and flexible, the SICHARGE D compact charger (IEC standard) offers numerous built-in opportunities. Take advantage of our superior technology and ease your decision process – and build a future-ready charging infrastructure.

Today’s solution for the challenges of tomorrow

With a long-lasting investment like fast-charging technology, it’s not just a matter of what’s currently in demand. Just as important are the options for tomorrow’s operation. With SICHARGE D, these options are available already today.

Perfect fit for all your applications

When the time to charge is short and high power is required, SICHARGE D is the perfect choice: The compact charging station that integrates seamlessly into your environment.

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Dynamic and scalable
  • Modular and scalable power 

  • Upgradeable up to 300 kW 

  • Dynamic power allocation

  • Parallel charging

  • Intuitive multi-language 24” touchscreen with adaptable height

  • Prepared for value-adding marketing content

  • Space-saving

Efficient and grid-friendly
  • Best-in-class efficiency (up to 96 percent)

  • High short-circuit withstand

  • Low harmonic distortion (THDi < three percent)

State-of-the-art and future-proof
  • Upgradeable to latest standards

  • Highest voltage up to 1,000 V Highest current up to 500 A

  • Open OCPP communication

  • High availability

  • Industry-leading cybersecurity and functional safety

  • Excellent serviceability

Robust and reliable
  • Outdoor protection IP54

  • High vandalism protection (IK10)

  • Long-lasting components

Highway and urban charging stations

Offering much more than a quick recharge of electric vehicles, our smart and cost efficient SICHARGE D provides you with:

  • Best-in-class efficiency

  • Highest utilization of installed power

  • Very compact footprint

Public fast charging

A perfect fit for any cityscape, SICHARGE D provides your charging infrastructure with:

  • Robust incl. anti-vandalism protection IK10 also valid for its large screen

  • Noise level parameterization (< 50dB(A)) for example for day and/or night mode

  • Variety of payment options

Convenient for customers and guests

SICHARGE D ensures seamless charging, high reliability, and flexibility along with:

  • Unique, appealing design and value-adding screen

  • High cyber security based on special Siemens assessment processes 

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