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A Home is a Sanctuary, and Siemens is Keeping it That Way

Expand your capabilities and save on space and time

This new technology created by Siemens expands the capabilities of the CAFCI by feeding two separate circuits from one breaker position – saving both space in the load center and time in implementation, all while maintaining safety and compliance. This is ideal for new construction or renovations and is available in either Plug-on Neutral or Pigtail versions.

Why Choose AFCI Circuit Breakers?

Combination Type Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs) detect arcing faults (an unintentional arcing condition in a circuit) that standard circuit breakers are unable to detect. The device is intended to mitigate the effects of arcing faults by functioning to de-energize the circuit when an arc-fault is detected. A Combination Type AFCI detects all three types of arcing.

Advanced Safety and Code Compliant

National Electrical Code (NEC®) 210.12 compliant

Section 210.12 requires that AFCI protection be provided on branch circuits that supply outlets (receptacle, lighting, etc.) in any dwelling unit

New construction or a renovation project? Tandem AFCI breakers provide flexibility where traditional breakers can't.

  • Less space- Only one Tandem AFCI feeds two circuit and minimizes the sub-feeding options

  • Increased safety with connection indicators

  • Flexible options: Both Plug-On Neutral and pigtail options available

Wiring Made Easier with Siemens Plug-On Breakers!

Siemens Plug-On Electronic Breakers are the perfect solution to wiring made easier. The design allows for the same reliable installation method. The small footprint allows for over 4 inches of wire bending space. The neutral clip is the same, trusted connection as the line side clip.

Simple. Spacious. Secure.

The CAFCI plug-on breakers now have a single load lug(s) only with the neutral lug removed. These breakers can be installed in the same manner as the thermal magnetic breakers. This allows the installer to land ground and neutral conductors in the load center before installing the breaker and load conductor.

Power-Flo Technologies - Continues it's Dedication to Innovation

Siemens Tandem AFCI Breakers, represent a leap forward in electrical circuit protection. By supplying two circuits from one breaker position, they save space and time while maintaining safety. These breakers meet NEC® 210.12 compliance and offer a variety of installation options. With their innovative design, Siemens continues to revolutionize the electrical industry. As an advocate for these advancements, Power-Flo Technologies demonstrates its commitment as a reliable Siemens distributor, paving the path for a more efficient future


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