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A Home is a Sanctuary, and Siemens is Keeping it That Way with Plug-On Neutral Load Centers

In the realm of home electrical solutions, Siemens has earned a reputation for excellence, known for its durable, innovative, and safety-focused products. This legacy continues with the introduction of the Siemens Plug-On Neutral Load Centers featuring electronic breakers. These cutting-edge load centers have set a new standard for electrical installations, providing a level of confidence and security that every homeowner and electrician seeks.

Simplicity Meets Innovation

The standout feature of the Siemens Plug-On Neutral Load Center is its ability to simplify and expedite the breaker installation process. Installing breakers can often be a tedious and time-consuming task. However, Siemens' innovative design ensures that you can complete your electrical installation swiftly and efficiently, without unnecessary hassle.

Wiring Made Easier with CAFCI Breakers

Complex wiring configurations are a common source of frustration in electrical installations. Siemens recognized this challenge and addressed it with a thoughtful design change: the removal of the neutral lug on CAFCI breakers. This change streamlines the wiring process, making it significantly more accessible and manageable, even for intricate electrical connections.

Consistency and Reliability

Siemens has a well-earned reputation for quality, and the Plug-On Neutral Load Center lives up to this standard. It incorporates the same excellent features found in PL and ES load centers, guaranteeing unwavering reliability and performance.

Space and Security

Beyond simplifying installation, Siemens has also prioritized space and security:

The compact design of the load center boasts a small electronic breaker footprint, yet still provides over 4 inches of wire bending space. This generous wire bending space not only ensures secure connections but also facilitates a simpler, cleaner, and faster path to project completion.

Accessibility is a key factor in the design of the Plug-On Neutral Load Center. It offers easy access to the neutral terminal, simplifying maintenance and troubleshooting. Consistency is another hallmark of Siemens' approach. The neutral clip remains the same as the line side, ensuring uniformity in installation methods and minimizing the risk of errors.

Durability is paramount, and Siemens has taken this into account with a robust hook-rail design. This ensures that the load center can endure the test of time, providing long-term peace of mind regarding your home's safety.

Plug-On Neutral Breaker Offering

The Siemens Plug-On Neutral Load Center goes beyond simplicity and space by offering a range of breaker options to suit your specific needs. Whether you require 1 and 2-pole CAFCI, 1-pole Dual Function (CAFCI/GFCI), or 1-pole GFCI breakers, Siemens has you covered.

Additional Features

In addition to its primary benefits, the Plug-On Neutral Load Center offers several additional features that enhance its functionality. These include load lugs exclusively on the CAFCI breakers, LED indicators for simplified troubleshooting, and Insta-Wire connectors for added convenience.

Compatibility and Surge Protection

The Siemens Plug-On Neutral Load Center isn't just innovative; it's also compatible with existing surge protection solutions, such as the QSA breaker and FirstSurge™ stand-alone units. Additionally, Siemens offers four panels with a factory-installed FirstSurge unit, providing enhanced protection for your electrical system.

Your home is your sanctuary, and Siemens, in partnership with Power-Flo Technologies, comprehends the significance of maintaining its safety and security. The Plug-On Neutral Load Center, showcases unwavering dedication to innovation, simplicity, and reliability. Rest assured that Siemens and Power-Flo Technologies have got you covered. Trust in this partnership to uphold your home's security and simplicity, ensuring it remains the sanctuary you truly deserve.


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