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A New Dimension of Decentralized Power Supply

The innovative Emparro67 Hybrid from Murr Electronic is a switch mode power supply with many powerful features. It not only allows you to relocate the power supply from the control cabinet to the field but it also monitors currents using two integrated 24V DC load circuit monitoring channels to ensure system reliability. An IO-Link interface permits extensive and transparent communication.

The fully encapsulated, IP67 rated, Emparro67 power supplies have a robust metal housing. They also impress with their 93.8% efficiency rating. But, the most important advantage provided by this power supply is that it allows voltage conversion (from 230V AC to 24V DC) to take place directly at the load keeping power loss to a minimum. This relocation allows smaller cabinets to be used, and, in some applications, it may be possible to get rid of a cabinet all together.

The new Emparro67 Hybrid has two integrated MICO channels for electronic current monitoring of two 24V DC load circuits. The two channels can be used to keep an eye on a variety of components including sensors, actuators and fieldbus modules. This allows you to separately monitor the sensor and module voltage as well as the actuator voltage of a connected fieldbus system. This guarantees maximum operational reliability. The two MICO channels can be adjusted to different current values and their tripping process works off of the principle of "as late as possible, as early as necessary."

The Emparro67 Hybrid is equipped with an M12 connection that serves as an IO-Link interface. It allows the unit to communicate as device with a superior IO-Link master making it possible to use the Emparro67 Hybrid in fully networked intelligent applications. This allows tech companies to do things like monitor the device's life span and make use of the predictive maintenance functions as they develop new maintenance models for future machines and systems.

For further information on Murr's Emparro67, contact Dittman & Greer.


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