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A Siemens CANopen System

Do you need a low-cost motion controller for more than 4 step or servo motors for simple non-coordinated moves? Do you need to control several valves or dispense fluids precisely?

Siemens has a solution!

Combining Siemens’ S7-1200 PLC with their SIMATIC PN/CAN Link (6BK16200AA000AA0) gives you the ability to control multiple step or servo motors with a low-cost PLC.

For example, your motor of choice is a Nanotec Smart Servo PD4, which is an integrated motor containing a controller and encoder. This motor can operate as a servo motor or a step motor. You can use up to 8 PDO’s (similar to read-write registers) on each motor and the PN/CAM Link can address 512 PDO’s. Theoretically, you could control 64 motors. However, you would be limited by the amount of PLC memory you use.

Here are the major components:

6BK16200AA000AA0 - SIMATIC PN/CAN LINK Gateway from Profinet to CAN or CANopen networks

6ES72151AG400XB0 - SIMATIC S7-1200, CPU 1215C, COMPACT CPU

PD4-C5918M4204-E-08 - Brushless DC Servo motor (stepper) with integrated controller

To learn more about this system, and how you can implement it into your facilities, please reach out to us at, or call us at 908-429-0090!

J.R. Cover



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