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An Axis Internship

Recently graduating with my bachelor’s in mechanical engineering I knew that I wanted to get into the manufacturing business, while also preparing to start graduate school in the fall. After reaching out I found Axis NJ and began my start into manufacturing the best way possible. Axis NJ touches almost every aspect of manufacturing and I cannot think of a better way to start my professional career.

I am currently working primarily on the installation and trouble shooting of our Robotize GoPal system. The GoPal is an autonomous transport robot that uses natural navigation to find its way within the facility. This self-driven robot is made for transporting pallets between designated GoPal Pallet Stations. The robot uses lasers and 3D cameras to create a map of its surroundings, the sensors have a 10-meter field of view to prevent collisions with objects and people. I have been working on getting our demo unit up and running in our warehouse, trying different configurations and commands in order to gain a greater understanding of how the GoPal operates.

Other projects I am working on include the development of standardized Cobot Carts, and vision-in-a-box systems. Collaborative Robotics, or Cobots, are making headlines in the world of manufacturing, here at Axis NJ we have been working on standardizing a mobile cart for collaborative UR robots. Having a standardized, baseline cart allows for more time to be devoted to the customization of the system to fit specific needs. The cart can be as specialized or as basic as the customer desires. The vision-in-a-box initiative aims to provide a quick and easily solution for vision-based operations. From monitoring processes to part inspection, the vision-in-a-box system provides the needed equipment already assembled and communicating, the system can also be modified to integrate with pre-existing equipment.

I am looking forward to continuing my time here at Axis NJ while I pursue my master’s degree in System Engineering at Stevens Institute of Technology.


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