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Arlington's UL Listed Floor Boxes

The low cost, convenient way to put a receptacle in the floor

Arlington has a wide range of floor boxes for nearly any job site condition. There's one for new concrete pours, a box for existing floors – and an adjustable box that fits most finished floor heights up to 2". All are available with oversized non-metallic and all install flush with the floor surface!

Existing Floor

Low cost, oversized rectangular cover with threaded plugs or flip lids, hides miscut flooring. The non-metallic boxes with gasketed box covers in four decorator colors—white, light almond, brown, black. The cover gasket prevents water intrusion and threaded plugs or flip lids protect the receptacle when not in use.


Low cost, clean, and neat adjustable floor boxes that fit most floor heights up to 2”. Non-metallic boxes with gasketed box covers in five decorator colors—white, light almond, brown, black, caramel with options for cover gaskets and threaded plugs or flip lids.

Concrete Pours

Competitively priced, clean, and neat concrete floor boxes for new concrete pours. Non-metallic boxes with gasketed metal covers in brass or nickel-plated brass. Covers also available in four decorator colors—white, light almond, brown, black. Threaded plugs or flip lids protect receptacle when not in use.


Non-metallic round cut-in floor box is for existing wood or concrete floor. (Electrical conduit must be accessible from underneath floor if installing in concrete.) It hides miscut flooring, covers edges of cut carpet, and you can get a neater finish with one of the oversized rings or carpet rings available to match your cover.

New Concrete

Flexible and convenient, made of heavy-duty plastic, the 4.5" non-metallic concrete box is a universal “fits all” size, that accommodates Arlington's 6" round covers as well as most other round covers on the market. The versatile concrete box covers are available with flip lids or threaded plugs—in brass or nickel-plated brass. They deliver easy installation of receptacles. A selection of leveling rings and adapters allows the covers to fit their boxes and most other manufacturers’ concrete boxes. For the fastest installation, the trapdoor covers ship ready to use with a pre-installed gasket and decorator-style receptacle.

Arlington in partnership with Power-Flo Technologies is firmly committed to new product development. They monitor the industry closely to develop products that offer very specific, but innovative solutions to jobsite problems and situations. Their Floor Boxes are no exception, they can fit virtually any project and help to protect the receptacle when not in use, saving money and ensuring projects continue to look good and work efficiently in the long run.


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