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Automation and CNC Machining

For over 30 years, our team of engineers has been successfully designing and implementing solutions for companies using CNC machines. Specializing in automation, drives, motion control, machine vision, machine safety and robots, we can help customize solutions that fit your requirements.

Optimize Production and Increase Quality

Increase throughput while reducing mistakes and the risk of injury for human operators by deploying Universal Robots collaborative robot (cobot) to tend CNC Machines. Safe to work side by side with humans, the cobot frees operators from repetitive, tedious motions. With 17 adjustable safety features, the UR complies with ISO safety standards. Simple pick and place sequences are up and running quickly. The plug and play approach makes it easy to add sanding tools, and other end of arm tools and sensors as needed. Machine vision can be added to expand the scope of applications.

Benefits of Cobots in this field

  • Safe to work side by side with humans – reduction in repetitive motion injuries

  • Don’t need to purchase caging – risk assessment is required prior to use

  • Less of a footprint – save space in your shop with a compact solution

  • Flexible and re-deployable – invest in technology that can adapt to changing product demands and production schedules

  • Shorter ROI

What’s next?

Schedule a consultation with our experts today!

Check out this video to see the UR in action with some CNC machining operations!


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