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Boost Efficiency with Rittal's Perforex MT 2201 Automated Milling Terminal

When it comes to panel building and switchgear manufacturing, efficiency is paramount. Reducing labor costs and improving delivery times are essential for success. Manual cutouts and drilled holes can be time-consuming and prone to errors. To address these challenges, Rittal Automation Systems presents the MT 2201 Automated Milling Terminal—a game-changer that can increase efficiency by up to 85%. In this blog post, we'll explore how this cutting-edge solution, available through Power-flo Technologies, can revolutionize your modification operations and give you a competitive advantage.

Efficiency at its Best

The Rittal Automation Systems MT 2201 machine is designed to accelerate your throughput times in mechanical processing, from the smallest enclosures to large cabinets. This innovative machining terminal automates the drilling, tapping, and milling of enclosures in a single cycle. It handles a wide range of materials, including painted steel, stainless steel sheet, aluminum, copper, and plastic. With the Perforex MT 2201, you can create holes, threads, and cutouts on various enclosure surfaces, such as mounting plates, doors, sidewalls, and the enclosure housing. The result? Remarkable efficiency gains of up to 85% compared to manual machining.

Perforex MT 2201: What's New?

This latest model of the Perforex MT 2201 comes with several enhancements based on valuable customer feedback. These improvements not only enhance the operator's experience but also boost the functionality of the machine:

Design Improvements

  • Ergonomic Pendant Arm: Designed for user-friendly machine operation, this ergonomic pendant arm is available as an option, ensuring comfort and ease of use for operators.

  • Floor Sealing Around Machine: A new feature that, coupled with the integrated vacuum system on the spindle, reduces the need for sweeping or vacuuming under the machine. This results in reduced cleaning time, allowing for more machine uptime.

  • Improved Safety Barrier: Plexiglass front panels with increased durability and easier installation provide increased visibility and safety for operators.

  • Ergonomic Pneumatic Clamp Actuation: This feature increases machine uptime as operators can engage the pneumatic clamp from both sides of the machine without the need to walk to the left side.

Machine Options

The Perforex MT 2201 is available in different configurations to suit your specific needs:

  • Base MT Version: Includes the MT machine, pedestal-mounted HMI, and safety fencing.

  • Pendant Arm MT Version: Includes the MT machine with a pendant arm-mounted HMI (the arm can be mounted on the left or right side) and safety fencing.

Accessories and Consumable Options

To ensure you have everything you need to get started and maintain optimal performance, Rittal offers a range of accessories and consumables. These options expand the machine's capabilities and keep it running smoothly.

The Rittal Perforex MT 2201 Automated Milling Terminal, available through Power-flo Technologies, is a game-changing solution for panel building and switchgear manufacturing. Its efficiency gains, ergonomic improvements, and safety features make it an essential tool for modern workshops. Embrace the future of automation with the MT 2201 and experience significant time and cost savings in your operations.


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