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Burndy Cold Shrink Cable Terminations: Redefining Medium Voltage Performance

When it comes to medium voltage (5-35kV) cable terminations, simplicity is key. The fewer the steps in installation, the better—from setup to maintenance. Burndy® HYSEAL Cold Shrink Cable Terminations have taken simplicity to a new level with an all-in-one design, making them the go-to choice for high-performance and low-maintenance solutions.

Whether your applications are in the industrial or utility sector, Burndy® HYSEAL Medium Voltage, Cold Shrink Cable Terminations are here to streamline the job at hand and enhance overall lifecycle efficiency. This means fewer surprises and more focus on critical issues. These cutting-edge terminations are rapidly gaining popularity nationwide for medium voltage setups.

Engineering a New Era of Performance

Burndy® HYSEAL brings to the table a robust all-in-one design that redefines reliability, efficiency, safety, and performance in medium voltage cable terminations. Let's dive into what makes them a game-changer:

  1. Built-In Endseal Mastic: High-performance mastic is applied at both ends of the termination, simplifying installation and operation.

  1. HYZINC Stress-Grading Mastic: Burndy's proprietary Zinc-Oxide (ZnO) formulation enhances performance by filling voids between the rubber body and cable substrate, reducing cable failures due to poor cable prep.

  2. Durable Silicone Rubber Body: Engineered to withstand industrial and utility environments, this body is UV-resistant and hydrophobic, preventing moisture and contaminants from accumulating.

  3. Silicone Cold Shrink Jacket: Designed for indoor or outdoor work, this jacket allows reliable installation without the need for heat application, saving time and eliminating risk.

  4. Single Spiral Ripcord: Installation is made easy with an enhanced spiral ripcord design that's user-friendly and applicable to all cable types.

Streamlined Installation with the Fewest Steps

Burndy® HYSEAL terminations provide an integrated spiral ripcord assembly that simplifies installation. Say goodbye to the need for skilled operators wielding open flames—Burndy® HYSEAL installs with minimal effort and training, without special tools or heat shrinking. Prepare the cable, align the insulator, pull the ripcord, and you're all set.

Superior Performance through Engineering

Burndy's proprietary zinc-oxide microvaristor technology ensures exceptional discharge, impulse performance, and stress control. This level of innovation elevates medium voltage cable terminations to a new standard.

Fewer Maintenance Hassles

By reducing failures due to poor cable preparation, Burndy® HYSEAL significantly minimizes troubleshooting and repair time, maximizing uptime and productivity.

Peace of Mind with Industry Standards

Burndy® HYSEAL Medium Voltage, Cold Shrink Cable Terminations meet the latest industry standard, IEEE-48-2009. Expertise in materials science, custom design, product quality, and stringent manufacturing processes, in collaboration with Power-Flo Technologies, provides enhanced system reliability.

Burndy® is a name you can trust, offering cutting-edge designs and material technology. Experience Burndy's innovative terminations, supported by Power-Flo Technologies, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with working with a trusted alternative provider.


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