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Clarity Instead of Tangled Cables, With Siemens TOP CONNECT Cabling!

Cabling made easy: with SIMATIC TOP Connect

Expand your capabilities and save on space and time

To ensure functionality and constant availability of your electronic equipment, the connections linking your individual components must be reliable and error-free. SIMATIC TOP connect offers an alternative solution to conventional wiring such as single-line wiring with terminal blocks, which is often complex and fault-prone.

For you, this means...

Clarity instead of tangled cables. A quick and secure connection instead of mixed-up contacts. And security instead of trouble-shooting. Simply a TOP connection, enabling you to save up to 80% in wiring costs.

SIMATIC TOP connect provides you with an innovative connection system for many controllers and their distributed I/O devices, in differing versions: a fully modular connection using the building block principle and a flexible connection with bundled single wires.

Modular 'building block' provides the fastest and most secure system cabling

Connect sensors and actuators to a SIMATIC S7 in the field easily, quickly and safely with front connector modules (modified front connectors) for the S7-1500 and S7-300, as well as plug-in connecting cables and terminal modules that replace conventional terminal blocks and also permit voltage and performance adaptation

• Reduction of wiring errors and test times

• Uniform, clear connection diagram

• No mix-up of single wires

• Ability to replace individual components more quickly and easily

• Up to 80% saving in wiring costs

The flexible connection – simple wiring for the control cabinet

Clearly bundled single wires ensure full flexibility

The flexible connection enables sensors and actuators mounted in the control cabinet to be connected to the SIMATIC S7 more quickly and easily. To achieve this, the front connector is prewired for connection to the digital I/O assembly with 20 or 40 single wires. The clearly labeled individual wires at the other end of the wire bundle can be routed to any element in the control cabinet.

  • Bundled single wires ensure clarity

  • Connection security is assured thanks to matching numbers printed on wires and connecting points on the front connector

  • Large cross-sections make higher currents possible

  • Up to 50% can be saved in wiring costs

One cable for all – the universal connecting cable

For multiple local uses

The new universal connecting cable is the link between the standard connection for the SIMATIC S7-1200, SIMATIC ET 200SP, the SIMATIC S7-1500 I/O (25 mm) or the LOGO! and the SIMATIC TOP connect terminal module. The universal connecting cable carries eight signals and the supply voltage. At the controller end it has labeled connector sleeves and a 16-pin IDC plug for connection of the terminal modules

• The use of an appropriate terminal module, ensuring error-free wiring that’s twice as fast

• Connection to coupling relays for isolating and adjusting potential

• High switching frequency even at high output currents (up to 4 A) through the use of an optocoupler module

• Signal separation through the use of switch modules for measurement

• Protection of individual channels thanks to a thermal fuse in the fuse module

• Tested connecting cables for error-free operation

Solutions From Start To Finish

Whether you need a fully modular connection for a fast and clear link with sensors and actuators from the field or a flexible connection with bundled single wires for easy connection within the control cabinet, Siemens has you covered! Power-Flo Technologies is a trusted Siemens distributor, and is committing to providing customers with the supplies they need, when they need it. Visit to learn how to find the latest solutions in cabling!


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