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Control Your Devices Like Never Before With Pizzato IO-Link

Take Control of Your Device Units with Pizzato IO-Link Control Device Units

In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial automation, the demand for efficient and reliable control systems is constantly on the rise. Enter IO-Link technology, a game-changer in the world of sensors and actuators. At Power-Flo Technologies, we're excited to introduce you to the BN series IO-Link control device units by Pizzato, a solution that empowers you to take control of your device units like never before.

Understanding IO-Link Technology

IO-Link is an open communication standard for sensors and actuators, defined by the PROFIBUS User Organization (PNO). It represents a point-to-point communication standard that seamlessly connects sensors and actuators to your control system. What sets IO-Link apart is its ability to transmit not just cyclic operating data but also parameter and diagnostic information. It’s the next level of control, and it’s here to redefine your automation processes.

Real-time Monitoring and Precision

One of the standout features of the BN series IO-Link control device unit is its capability to detect any out-of-range values in the data it monitors. This means that the system can swiftly identify anomalies or potential risks, putting you in control and allowing you to take immediate corrective actions. With IO-Link technology, all device data is displayed in real-time, providing you with precise insights into your system's performance.

Data and Configuration Made Easy

The BN Series control device unit simplifies your operations by exchanging vital data with the IO-Link master. This data includes information about:

  • State of the buttons or different types of devices

  • LED status

  • Supply voltage

  • Temperature

  • Device usage time

The system doesn't just gather this information; it actively monitors it for any anomalies, ensuring your system is always in optimal condition. Plus, with real-time data display, you're in the driver's seat, making informed decisions effortlessly.

Plug & Play Convenience

Say goodbye to complex, time-consuming, and costly wiring. The BN series IO-Link control device unit is engineered with Plug & Play technology. Installation becomes a breeze, saving you time and resources. If the device ever needs replacement or maintenance, you can do so without dismantling entire sections of your plant. It's a cost-effective and efficient solution designed with your convenience in mind.

Customization for Your Aesthetic and Functional Needs

Aesthetics and functionality are not compromised with the BN series IO-Link control device unit. These units are equipped with RGB LEDs, offering a plethora of color options including red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, magenta, and white. But that's not all – you have the freedom to configure four custom colors, allowing you to personalize the appearance of your control device unit to match your unique preferences.

Adaptability to Environmental Conditions

Not only can you choose from a wide array of colors, but the brightness of the RGB LEDs can also be adjusted via IO-Link to adapt to various environmental conditions. Additionally, you can set the LEDs to blink at various frequencies and even create fading effects, providing both functionality and aesthetics in one package.

Sustainability with Outputs of up to 1 kW

The BN series IO-Link control device unit is built to endure and perform. With sustainability in mind, these units can handle outputs of up to 1 kW, ensuring they meet the demands of your industrial processes effectively and efficiently.

If you're seeking an innovative solution to take control of your device units, look no further than the BN series IO-Link control device units by Pizzato. With real-time monitoring, easy installation, customization options, and sustainability at its core, these units are designed to elevate your industrial automation processes to new heights. Don't wait; experience the power of IO-Link technology and revolutionize your control systems today with Power-Flo Technologies.


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