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COOPER APVT-S Selectable Vaportite

Lumen and CCT Select LED Vaportite

The APVT Vaportite LED Series is an energy efficient industrial luminaire that combines the rugged construction of a vaportite with selectable CCT and lumen output. The APVT is IP65 and wet location rated. Its 4ft and 8ft linear design allows the APVT to fit most interior or exterior applications such as canopy, parking garage and warehouse.

Energy Efficient Industrial Luminaire

The APVT is the ideal choice for parking garages since these structures require unique lighting. These LEDs provide safety while delivering glare-free illumination and have the performance to withstand weather elements.

The benefit of using Vaportite LEDs in food processing/manufacturing is the cost savings as well as the ability to perform in wet environments.

Due to the size of warehouses and distribution centers, lighting fixtures with lower watts per square foot are best to maximize energy savings. Not only do the APVT LEDs produce high lumen output at low wattages but they are also able to operate in a wide range of temperatures and environments.

Vaportite LED fixtures meet the needs of canopy lighting with their rugged housing as well as their sealed and gasketed construction. This allows them to withstand extreme variances in temperatures, moisture, humidity, and dust as well as having high impact lenses which are resistant to breaks and vandalism.

Product Details


  • IK08 optical lens, polycarbonate housing and stainless steel latches

  • Two piece captive lens, electrical and housing enclosure

  • Available in 4ft and 8ft lengths

  • Suitable for interior ad exterior applications


  • Lumen & CCT select option provide application versatility

  • Efficacy up to 151 lm/W, 0-10V dimming

  • 4ft in 3,000/4,500/8,000 and 8ft in 8,000/10.000/12,000 lumen packages

  • Operates in -20ºC to 40ºC ambient ratings

Product Benefits
  • Three color temperature and lumen select provide application versatility

  • Impact-resistant durability using IK08 lens diffuser, housing and stainless steel latches

  • Faster install and easy maintenance using new two-piece captive lens, electrical and housing design

  • Standard 0-10V dimming to 10% for more energy savings

  • Available in 4ft and 8ft models for more job and layout flexibility

  • IP65 and UL Wet location listed for indoor and outdoor environments

Cooper Lighting Solutions aims to question, seek, and solve. In partnership with Power-Flo Technologies, Cooper creates solutions that build a better world and push past the ordinary to build brighter. Their APVT Vaportite lights offer application versatility and energy efficiency making them the ideal choice for most indoor and outdoor spaces and even areas that require unique lighting. They are able to withstand a wide range of temperatures and environments as well as offering two different sizes for flexibility.


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