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Customized Lighting Solutions

Lighting consumes 30% to 50% of the energy used in most commercial and industrial buildings. In fact, buildings account for over 70% of all electricity consumption. The lighting systems in most US commercial buildings are over 20 years old.

A custom lighting upgrade from AAI enables the end user to significantly reduce operating costs and move to a greener carbon footprint.


Every year, AAI’s lighting experts implement a variety of projects ranging from small renovations to major upgrades. We handle the entire project, including design, product selection from leading manufacturers, utility rebate incentives, and turnkey implementation.

Our specialists can light up any commercial, industrial and even some residential spaces. We specify the best fixtures, lamps, and controls to maximize energy efficiency, qualify for the highest rebates, and deliver the right lighting quality. Our solutions meet environmental standards and are easy to maintain.


Lighting upgrades with AAI follow a proven five step process that fulfills your needs and delivers the expected results.

Step 1: Needs Assessment

AAI works to fully understand your needs before the project commences. We make sure that every possible benefit is explored and included in the project plan.

Step 2: Facility Audit

Our experts visit the site and gather key information about the current lighting system and upgrade expectations.

Step 3: Solution Design We prepare one or more design alternatives that meet your project requirements. We fully explain all design considerations that impact the project’s results.

Step 4: Energy Rebates

Where rebate programs are available, we create all relevant documentation for submission to the utility company. We are experts in maximizing rebates through proper design and fixture selection.

Step 5: Turnkey Implementation

We work directly with our customers and do not farm out this work to third parties. Implementation can include recycling services that disposes of old lighting lamps in compliance with government regulations.


Working with AAI

• We take responsibility for the entire project.

• Turnkey process including all project management, interface with reps, solution design, and implementation.

• We identify and document utility rebate information, saving you time and providing advance visibility of savings.

• Wide product selection ensures the best fit for your needs.

Financial Benefits

• Energy efficient lighting significantly reduces operating cost.

• Payback in less than 24 months for most projects.

• Utility rebates and tax credits accelerate bottom line impact.

Workspace Benefits

• The right lighting quality for your specific needs.

• Safer working environment.

• Higher productivity.

Environmental Benefits

• Reduced energy consumption.

• Smaller carbon footprint.

• Responsible recycling of electronic waste.


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