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Eaton Arrow Hart Wiring Devices for Industrial & Heavy-Duty Construction Environments

Power-Flo Technologies is proud to introduce the complete line of Eaton Arrow Hart wiring, designed to meet the demands of the most challenging environments. From quick grip to safety grip and ultra grip, these devices provide secure and efficient solutions for a wide range of applications.

Eaton Arrow Hart: Industrial Grade Excellence

Eaton Arrow Hart brings a legacy of industrial-grade excellence to the table. Their range of straight blade and locking devices is engineered to withstand the rigors of industrial and heavy-duty construction environments. Let's dive into the key features of these remarkable wiring devices.

Quick Grip: Speed and Comfort

Quick grip plugs and connectors are engineered for quick, secure installation and long-lasting use. Crafted from rugged nylon, they boast a roomy wiring chamber that makes installation fast and straightforward. What's more, the scalloped ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip during both installation and operation. With Quick Grip, you can count on efficiency and ease of use.

Auto Grip: Innovative Clamping Design

Auto grip plugs and connectors feature an innovative clamp design that not only secures cords during assembly but also reduces installation time. The tapered nylon body not only reduces impact and chemical exposure but also ensures easy handling for end users. It's a design that combines convenience and efficiency seamlessly.

Safety Grip: Durability Meets Safety

Safety grip plugs and connectors are the perfect fusion of durability and fast installation. With a dual-range external cord grip, they provide a positive cord grip while minimizing strain on conductors. The neoprene gasket seals around the cord, adding extra terminal protection against external elements. These wiring devices are built tough with rugged nylon construction, ensuring dependable use in demanding conditions.

  • Variety of Grip Styles: Arrow Hart offers a variety of grip styles to accommodate various applications, providing the flexibility you need.

  • Clearly Marked Ratings: The amperage/voltage ratings are clearly marked on the devices, ensuring easy identification.

  • Rugged Construction: The robust construction of Arrow Hart plugs and connectors ensures a longer service life, making them ideal for everyday commercial use and heavy-duty industrial applications.

Ultra Grip: Contemporary Design, Exceptional Performance

Ultra grip plugs and connectors stand out with their contemporary flare and oval ergonomic design, providing a comfortable yet secure feel. Their dual dovetail design offers superior cord grip retention, and the grommet design allows for usage across a wide range of cord diameters. Additionally, reversible inserts in the cord grip deliver exceptional clamp force, particularly on large diameter cords.

Arrow Hart wiring devices by Eaton are the go-to choice for industries that demand top-tier reliability and durability. From everyday commercial use to the harshest industrial conditions, Arrow Hart plugs and connectors guarantee long-lasting, dependable service. Power-Flo Technologies is proud to offer these exceptional wiring devices, ensuring that your wiring needs are met with efficiency, safety, and innovation. Choose Arrow Hart for wiring devices that can stand up to the most challenging environments in industrial and heavy-duty construction.


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