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Eaton Cam-Lok™ Connectors: The Industry Standard

Innovation is the key to efficiency and cost-effectiveness. For over a century, Eaton's Cam-Lok™ connectors have been the go-to choice for professionals in the field. These cam-style single pole connectors are trusted across industries, from motors and generators to indoor and outdoor lighting distribution panels, standby power systems, and various industrial power applications.

Save Time and Money

At Power-Flo Technologies, we understand the importance of efficiency and cost savings in industrial settings. Cam-Lok™ connectors offer a practical solution to both these challenges. They replace expensive and bulky multi-conductor cables, allowing you to utilize lighter, single-conductor cables rated at higher amperages. This not only saves you money on materials but also simplifies cable management. What's more, Cam-Lok™ connectors provide the ability to quickly connect and disconnect without the need for specialized tools, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

F-Series Applications, Features & Benefits

Reduced Downtime and Higher Efficiency

In industrial welding applications, downtime is a costly inconvenience. This is where Cam-Lok™ F-Series connectors shine. Specifically designed to meet the demands of harsh industrial welding environments, F-Series plugs and receptacles offer superior reliability and safety while reducing downtime. With Cam-Lok™ F-Series, you can count on efficient and uninterrupted operations, ensuring maximum productivity.

Ideal for Harsh Environments

Cam-Lok™ F-Series plugs and receptacles are the ideal choice for industrial applications where electrical equipment is exposed to the harshest of environments. Whether it's welding equipment, power distribution panels, patch panels, or heat treating applications, Cam-Lok™ connectors are up to the task. They are insulated for safety, with options for reinforced thermoplastic, epoxy, or watertight elastomeric materials, ensuring durability and reliability in challenging conditions.


Electrical Ratings

  • Voltage: 120 Volts AC

  • Current: Up to 315 Amps Continuous, 550 Amps Intermittent

Temperature Ratings

  • Standard: Up to 105°C

  • High Temperature: Up to 180°C (365ºF)


  • Accepts cable sizes: #8 AWG - 4/0

  • Insulator material: Reinforced thermoplastic (E1010, E1012), reinforced epoxy (E1012 High-Temperature), or elastomeric (E1012 only)

  • Contact material: Brass or silver-plated brass


  • NEMA 3 rated for added durability


  • Meets OSHA requirements for welding connectors

  • Meets NEC® Code Requirements for listed connectors that are of the locking type

Invest in the industry-standard Cam-Lok™ connectors from Eaton, and experience reduced downtime, increased efficiency, and peace of mind in your industrial applications. At Power-Flo Technologies, we're here to provide you with the latest innovations that drive success in your operations. Contact us today to explore how Cam-Lok™ connectors can benefit your business.


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