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Embrace the Future of Automation with igus® Smart Plastics

The era of Industry 4.0 is upon us, and it's reshaping the landscape of automation across industries. The digitalization of manufacturing plants, connecting every machine with the Internet of Things (IoT), is a goal for many. However, this transformation often demands significant time and financial resources. But what if there was a more cost-effective and faster way to kickstart your digitalization strategy? Enter igus® Smart Plastics, an innovative solution that allows you to begin your journey towards Industry 4.0 by connecting individual assemblies and components.

The Benefits of Smart Components

Smart components offer an immediate advantage to plant operators through enhanced connectivity. With igus® Smart Plastics, you can achieve real-time status monitoring for your automated systems without the need for additional personnel. Moreover, predictive maintenance becomes a reality, reducing downtime and enhancing operational efficiency.

Condition Monitoring with i.Sense

One of the standout features of igus® Smart Plastics is i.Sense, a condition monitoring system designed to keep your plant running smoothly:

  • Regular Status Monitoring: i.Sense continuously records the machine's status, providing valuable data for analysis.

  • Crash Avoidance: With fast switch-off capabilities, i.Sense helps prevent crashes and system failures.

  • Data Recording Modules: These modules play a crucial role in gathering and transmitting essential data.

By utilizing smart plastics for condition monitoring, you empower your systems to promptly report any unexpected operating states, automatically shut down when needed, or sound alarms to alert your team. This proactive approach to maintenance minimizes system failures and reduces costly downtime.

Control Cabinet Integration

igus® Smart Plastics seamlessly integrate into your existing plant control system via NC contacts. Simple module installation on a top-hat (DIN) rail and a 24V DC voltage supply make the implementation process straightforward and efficient.

Modules and Sensor Units

Modules evaluate all sensor data based on igus® algorithms, ensuring real-time notifications of mechanical faults. Meanwhile, sensor units such as IS.EC.W for real-time wear detection, IS.EC.P for push/pull force detection, IS.EC.B for break detection in energy chains, and IS.CF.P for tensile force monitoring in cables, enhance your plant's reliability.

Meeting Challenges Head-On

In an environment where plants operate round the clock and sometimes without human supervision, faults can go undetected for hours. This situation can lead to significant consequences, including total breakdowns that result in substantial costs.

The Solution: Smart Plastics

igus® Smart Plastics offer solutions to such challenges. Take, for example, the push/pull force monitoring system EC.P. This sensor continuously measures the force required to move the energy supply system. If external factors like ice, wildlife, or tools dropped during maintenance alter these forces, the sensor detects the change and immediately shuts down the system. This preventive measure saves you from costly damages and ensures uninterrupted operations.

Embrace the Future of Automation

In a world where automation and digitalization are no longer optional but essential for competitiveness, igus® Smart Plastics provide a versatile, cost-effective, and efficient solution. Begin your journey towards Industry 4.0, enhance your plant's reliability, and unlock new levels of productivity with igus® Smart Plastics, available through Power-Flo Technologies.


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