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Faster, Easier EV Charging Troubleshooting - Fluke EVSE Test Adapter

Simplify EVSE Maintenance with the Fluke FEV100 EVSE Test Adapter

The electric vehicle (EV) market is in full throttle, and with it comes the demand for efficient electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) maintenance, from installation to critical infrastructure upkeep. In this rapidly evolving landscape, Fluke emerges as a reliable partner, offering a suite of eMobility solutions, including electrical testers, insulation testers, thermal cameras, and EVSE testers. These tools are designed to deliver fast, accurate measurements for routine checks and troubleshooting of EVSEs, all while ensuring the highest level of safety.

The Value of Regular EVSE Maintenance

Maintaining electric vehicle supply equipment is paramount to reducing costs and ensuring reliability. By streamlining inspections and adopting a proactive approach to preventive maintenance, EVSE manufacturers and station owners can minimize downtime and mitigate lost revenue caused by non-functional chargers. Additionally, regular maintenance can extend the useful life of charging equipment, ultimately reducing replacement costs.

Streamlining EVSE Maintenance with Fluke

Enter the Fluke FEV100 EVSE Test Adapter, a game-changing tool that enhances the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of EVSE preventive maintenance. By simplifying the inspection process, this innovative adapter reduces the time and labor required for maintenance and troubleshooting.

Faster, Easier EVSE Troubleshooting

Traditionally, preventive maintenance for an EV charger involved cleaning cables, connectors, and filters, followed by operability checks. In the past, operability testing meant physically connecting an actual EV to the charger to determine if the unit was functioning correctly. This process often involved moving the vehicle from charger to charger, making it time-consuming and cumbersome. Furthermore, if the charging sequence failed to initiate, diagnosing whether the issue lay with the charger or the vehicle was a challenging task.

The Fluke Difference

Here's where the Fluke FEV100 EVSE Test Adapter shines:

Simulate without an EV: With this adapter, technicians can effortlessly connect it to a charging port and run a protective earth (PE) pre-test grounding safety check. This step ensures that the station is wired correctly and that the PE is functioning as intended.

Identify EVSE Problems: Once an issue is identified, electricians can leverage more advanced tools to pinpoint the root cause. For example, the FEV100 allows technicians to simulate multiple charging states, and when used in conjunction with a digital multimeter like the Fluke 87V Industrial Multimeter, they can verify voltage transfer from the charger to the EV in each charging state.

Cost Savings: By empowering skilled technicians to handle more EVSE preventive maintenance and assisting licensed electricians in troubleshooting complex problems swiftly, the FEV100 can significantly reduce inspection costs. This makes a commitment to preventive maintenance programs financially attractive to EVSE operators and owners.

Fluke FEV100 EVSE Test Adapter at a Glance

  • Vehicle simulation: Simulate EV charging without an actual electric vehicle.

  • Grounding protection: Conduct a PE pre-test grounding safety check for correct wiring.

  • GFCI testing: Ensure Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters are functioning properly.

  • SAE J1772: Compliant with the SAE J1772 standard.

  • Compatibility: Works seamlessly with the Fluke portfolio of test and measurement tools.

The Fluke FEV100 EVSE Test Adapter is a revolutionary tool that simplifies and streamlines EVSE maintenance, making it more cost-effective and efficient. With the ability to simulate EV charging without an actual vehicle and identify problems swiftly, it empowers businesses to embrace preventive maintenance programs with confidence. Discover the future of EVSE maintenance with Fluke and Power-Flo Technologies.


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