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Gefran Announces New Series of Performance Controllers

Gefran has recently launched a new family of PID controllers including three models: 850/1650/1850.

Accurate regulation, numerous options and exclusive functions make these devices so intelligent that the system regulating and controlling a production process can be simplified, installing one single device instead of several (double controller, PLC and HMI, timer). It delivers significantly lower purchase, installation and operating costs with high precision, stable measurement and PID control combined with logical and mathematical functions. These features make the Performance series the ideal solution for regulated processes such as heat treatment of metals, laboratory equipment, and pharmaceutical and medical sterilisation processes requiring particularly precise, accurate measurement.

The new controllers continue the process of expanding the range and represent the natural evolution of the 650/1250/1350 family, which Frost & Sullivan named PID controller of the year in its category last year. The 850/ 1650/ 1850 series, available in three sizes (1/16, 1/8 and ¼ DIN), shares many of the exclusive features for which the 650/1250/1350 family was selected for the prize, and offers even more. A series of features remain unaltered, such as the customizable display, bright lighting and high resolution for easy reading by the operator, easy configuration with a software tool, multilingual messages, functions for planning preventive maintenance and constant monitoring of energy consumption.

For further information on Gefran automation products, contact Dittman & Greer.


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