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Hilscher netTAP 151 - The Gateway That Does It All

Gateway Real-Time Ethernet to Real-Time Ethernet

The netTAP 151 gateway transmits I/O data bi-directionally between any two industrial Real-Time Ethernet networks. NetTAP 151 is the ideal solution for plants with homogenous and heterogeneous networks to exchange data across network boundaries. With more than 40 different combinations of the protocols PROFINET, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, POWERLINK, Sercos, and Open Modbus/TCP, netTAP 151 offers a solution for any conversion.

The converter is compatible with any PLC due to the simple I/O device integration into the primary network. In the secondary network, netTAP 151 works as an I/O device or it controls the subordinate network as a bus master. The length of the I/O data can be configured as required for any application. The I/O data of the primary network can be mapped to those of the secondary network, and vice versa.

Two Ethernet controllers, each connected to two Dual Ethernet ports with an integrated switch, provide for a secure network separation. Star, ring, and inline network topologies can thus be realized without further peripherals. Both controllers work independently from each other and only exchange the I/O data via a data buffer. The data processing time achieved is less than 10 ms.

The devices can be ordered with or without preloaded firmware and license. The use of devices that are not preloaded, reduces the storage costs. Subsequent loading of the firmware makes the devices flexible for further applications. The USB connector serves to diagnose and commission all devices regardless of the network.

Data transmission between two Real-Time Ethernet networks

  • Flexible use due to loadable firmware (PROFINET, EtherCAT, EtherNet/IP, Sercos, OpenModbus/TCP. or POWERLINK)

  • Universal device for conversions (Master/Slave or Slave/Slave)

  • Integration and coupling of networks and network segments

  • Secure separation of the networks by data buffer

  • Device exchange in seconds by loading via memory card

  • With diagnosis and configuration interface via USB

Whatever your RTE to RTE network connection challenge is, this one gateway can do it all:

  • Network Combination: Connecting systems and machines using different or identical protocols for a seamless communication across a plant.

  • Network Segmentation: Bridging between network segments for organizational, security, or performance reasons.

  • Connecting Legacy Systems: Integration of legacy systems and devices using other protocols into new systems without upgrading equipment.


The netTAP can connect two networks using the same type such as PROFINET IO to PROFINET IO or two different RTE network system protocols such as EtherNet/IP to PROFINET IO.

It always acts as slave device in the primary network, which is connected at gateway interface X2. In the secondary network, which is connected at gateway interface X3, it can act either as a slave or a master device.

Each of the device's two network interfaces has its own netX controller for processing the communication. The primary network interface, X2, is controlled by the netX 51. The secondary network interface, X3, by the more powerful nX 100.

Power-Flo Technologies is proud to partner with Hilscher as they work to empower communication. They open up new possibilities in connectivity giving their customers access to a wider market. Their netTAP 151 is the one gateway that can do it all. It offers solutions for any conversion, with easy access to configuration and 40 different combinations for the protocols whatever your RTE to RTE network connection challenge is, the netTAP 151 has you covered.


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