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ILSCO SURECRIMP® Compression Connectors

Lasting, Quality Connectors

ILSCO’s copper and aluminum SureCrimp compression connectors are range-taking and ink marked to showcase product information as well as identify accurate crimp positioning. They are listed with TaskMaster Tools, and over 80 competitive compression tools, across all major conductor classes. Their copper connectors are Listed for current carrying and grounding & bonding applications as well as direct burial and the SureCrimp system design is the first in the industry to guarantee a ten year warranty.

SURECRIMP® Copper Compression

  • Accepts multiple conductor classes including fine stranded and building/code wire

  • Chamfered wire entry for easy conductor insertion

  • Color coded for easy die identification

  • Ink marked location bands for accurate crimp positioning

  • Range taking

  • Electro-tin plated

  • Manufactured from high-strength seamless copper tubing

  • UL Listed and CSA Certified

  • SureCrimp®copper connectors are UL Listed with ILSCO’s and major competitors’ compression tools

  • UL 467 Listed for grounding and bonding: # 8 - # 2 solid, 500kcmil-8

Easy-to-read information stamped into the tang includes: UL and CSA Certified logos; part number; bolt size and hole spacing; appropriate conductor sizes; crimp die number

Easy-to-read information printed onto the front and back of the barrel including the crimp die number and location bands for proper crimp positioning

Smooth and uniform tin-plating for corrosion resistance and improved conductivity

Trimmed tang end provides consistent hole spacing dimensions

Site hole for easy visual inspection of conductor (when applicable)

Round and chamfered conductor insertion barrel opening for easy conductor insertion


  • Chamfered wire entry for easy conductor insertion

  • Color coded end caps for easy and accurate die identification

  • Roll marking to provide permanent product identification and accurate crimp positioning

  • Pre-filled with ILSCO De-Ox® oxide inhibiting compound

  • Range taking

  • Dual rated for Aluminum and Copper conductors

  • UL Listed and CSA Certified

  • SureCrimp® aluminum connectors are UL Listed with ILSCO’s and major competitors’ compression tools

ILSCO is a leader in power connections for the commercial, industrial, telecom, utility, datacom, and rail industries. Power-Flo Technologies is proud to partner with ILSCO as they provide engineered solutions, application expertise, and quality products that are reliable, durable, and code compliant. Their SURECRIMP® Compression Connectors produce strong, durable crimps that provide unrivaled versatility, performance, and simplicity. They believe that connections matter and aim to deliver superior durability and service to power your business.


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