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Industrial Precision with LINARIX Draw Wire Sensors

LINARIX Draw Wire Sensors offer a robust solution for linear position measurement with unmatched accuracy. These sensors, available through Power-Flo Technologies, are designed for ease of use and adaptability in various industrial applications. Let's explore how these sensors can enhance your operations.

Versatility Simplified

LINARIX Draw Wire Sensors, also known as cable pull sensors, excel at linear position measurement. They utilize an encoder to deliver precise measurements as a cable is pulled out. Unlike complex pinion and rack systems, LINARIX offers a hassle-free installation process with a range of interface options.

Key Features

  • Measuring Lengths: Covering 1 to 15 meters (3' to 49'), LINARIX sensors adapt to diverse setups.

  • Absolute Position Measurement: With over 15 communication interfaces, seamless integration into existing systems is a breeze.

  • High Linearity: These sensors maintain accuracy even with extended cycle times.

  • Customizable Measuring Length: Enjoy scalable analog output for tailored measurements.

  • User-Friendly: LINARIX sensors offer teach-in functionalities without the need for complex software or programming.

  • Rugged Design: Built to withstand harsh outdoor conditions with protection classes up to IP69K.

  • Enhanced Safety: Clever design features include tandem redundant encoders for added security.

Versatile Configurations

LINARIX sensors come in various configurations to meet unique application demands, from near-cleanroom conditions to rugged industrial settings:

  • Extruded Metal Housings: Robust construction with flexible mounting options, suitable for challenging environments.

  • Plastic Housings: Highly economical, compact, and accurate, making them a favorite among OEMs.

  • Machine Metal Housings: Ideal for industrial environments, offering a balance of economy and compact design.

Interfaces Galore

LINARIX Draw Wire Sensors boast a wide variety of communication interfaces, ensuring seamless integration into existing systems, including Ethernet-based options, fieldbus classics, analog, parallel, SSI, and IO-Link.


LINARIX sensors excel in various applications where precise measurements are critical:

  • Medical Systems

  • Cranes

  • Material Handling

  • Floodgate Control

LINARIX Draw Wire Sensors, available through Power-Flo Technologies, deliver precision, versatility, and reliability to industrial automation. These sensors provide real-time, accurate data, enhancing your applications' performance. Whether you operate in medical systems, crane control, material handling, or floodgate management, LINARIX sensors are your partners in achieving precision and efficiency. Explore the possibilities and elevate your industrial applications with LINARIX Draw Wire Sensors.


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